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lavender wip1

semester break.
new vs/rm soon!!
looking at a font other than calibri is such a breath of fresh air lol.

ps. in trying to find a way to test how a taskbar item looks when it flashes, i made a chrome extension for that.
ie, it just flashes the chrome's taskitembutton. If anyone's interested in that, I can upload it.

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I'll be anxiously waiting for this to drop.
I've been searching for the perfect purple VS for a looong time.
There are a lot of really good ones but they all just seem to be missing something. Until now.
Seriously impressed, beautiful work as always.
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iiiiiiidk man. sorry to disappoint but this was posted in 2018 haha.
sonofaaaaaah.... Damn I didn't even think to check. 
what a bummer.
Oh well I guess. Still nice to look at though.
I'm actually just getting started trying to create my own styles so thanks for the inspiration.
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thank you anyways!

glad it inspired you; making your own stuff is always the most creatively fulfilling. hope to see stuff from you :D
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Looks awesome. I love what you're doing to the window's border.

Looking forward to try it.

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it's a very interesing desing 
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Thanks mate! nice to see you back :p
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Nice design!
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Very vibrant!  Looking good mate! :)
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Thanks niivu! Appreciate it
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This looks damn good. :+fav:
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Thanks activecolors :) (and wb)
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That's very pretty. I'm looking forward to it!
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very fresh & sharp, looking forward for ya new themeHug 
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Looks sweet! Especially the girls in the theming community will enjoy this one a lot :) 
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Thanks Cristian! That means a lot.
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You're welcome my friend!
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