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December 29, 2018
fruita vs for windows 10 by undefinist
Featured by niivu
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fruita vs for windows 10

For 1703 / 1709 / 1803 / 1809 / 1903 / 1909 / 2004, meant for 100% dpi.
Requires StartIsBack++ for taskbar (use the no sib version otherwise)

Again, this is meant for 100% dpi. If you're not on 100% dpi, there might be some stylistic issues.
That said, for 125%/150%, try the specific 125%/150% theme. You will also have to manually edit the start button so that it fits.

Thanks for those who have paid and supported me :heart:
More than a year later, this theme is now free.
Note: There is no difference between paid and free version.

See the winning SSC18 screenshot here.
For instructions, see Guide To Installing Windows 10 Themes (readme also included)

fruita Icon Theme by niivu 
fruita player for rainmeter

Icons in preview: cakeOS icons


Heart If you liked my work, feel free to purchase the paid version (no difference from free version)
Heart Alternatively, you may also buy me a coffee

3 Nov 2020: Fix run dialog background color, update readme and theme file.
1 Aug 2019: Fix explorer nav pane text color.
31 Jul 2019: Update for 1903.
5 Jan 2019: Fix taskbar flyout arrow appearing for bottom taskbar.
1 Jan 2019 b: Fix 125% and 150% theme files not applying.
1 Jan 2019: Now includes caption button glyphs for all dpis, specific 125% and 150% themes, and a non-StartIsBack++ version for proper taskbar without SIB.
© 2018 - 2021 undefinist
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beq24's avatar

Please theme win 11:(

when i use it the only thing that changes is the colour (the turquoise) is this normal because idk how to fix it

Palliwow's avatar

Hi, first of all, thanks for this amazing theme !

Second of all, for all of you running on 20H2 like me, it works a wonder !

Its not working for me 😞 my explorer window still looks the same...My windows version is 21H1

thanks for this great theme

using this in 21H1 build version 19043.1081

everything works fine execpt one thing

while copying data from my android device to pc using usb cable copy works perfectly but the progress bar diologue box is invisible, its clearly theme issue because when i change theme to default its visible

no complain just saying :) thanks

thank you! you have tooo good themes

How to install font style like yours?

same I downloaded on 1909 but icons didnt change, windowns explroer looks the same. can you please help on this ?

I downloaded the free version, but it does not look right at all, on version 1909.

what if my pc build says version 20H2? is it still compatible?

Is there a way to disable this theme's font overriding thingy? I've already used my ELITE HACKER SKILLS to override Windows default fonts.

Excuse me, I can't download the free version

i have win 10 20H2, does it have the compatible version in mine? :(

undefinist's avatar

2004 (20H1) themes should work the same for 2009 (20H2)! As always, better to be safe and make a system restore point and stuff.

boushveg's avatar

how can i find out whats my DPI's percentage? i really wanna install this amazing theme:saddummy:

undefinist's avatar

Settings > Display

boushveg's avatar

Thank you. I really am in love with this vs now.:)

donjapo's avatar

Awsome, Very good!

Midorisen's avatar

I would love to have this theme! Its beautiful rainbow heart 2 could you send me the download? Thank you so much!

SakuritaCerecita's avatar

Hi! I have the paid version, but I would like to report an error that I have, when I run the "Run" window it doesn't look good, it seems as if it has overexposed colors, and I don't know why, how could I solve it?

Screenshot 3
undefinist's avatar

Turns out it's not hardcoded in Light Mode, I'll fix it in a bit.

SakuritaCerecita's avatar

Thank you so much <3

Is there any way I can change the google chrome buttons too?

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