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VisBubble: Round Visualizer for Rainmeter

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VisBubble is a round audio visualizer for Rainmeter.
It reacts to the sounds on your computer.

  1. How do I access the settings?
    Access the settings by double-clicking the skin, or via right-click context menu. You can also open the skin SettingsWindow.ini
    The raw settings file is Rainmeter/Skins/VisBubble/Settings.inc

  2. How do I only detect sound from a single application?
    You can't. You can only detect sounds from a single input/output source.
    However, you can make VisBubble only appear when you play music. To do so, open Settings.inc and set your player & HideWhenNotPlaying to 1.

  3. This skin uses too much CPU! How do I reduce CPU usage?
    Reducing the Num Of Items can reduce the CPU usage. Also, you can increase the skin's Update (right-click, Edit Skin, change the Update= value at the top)

  4. This skin isn't working?
    There are many possible problems, check out this post for troubleshooting.

  5. I can't drag VisBubble too high up, when I do it'll snap to another position!
    Right-click the skin, click Manage Skin, untick Keep On Screen. Then, modify the x and y position directly by typing.

  6. How do I use the color picker?
    Select the color in the main window. The right bar is the brightness. The bottom bar is the transparency.
    After that, hit the bottom right box (which shows your new color) to confirm.

  7. How do I use the gradient editor?
    Click inside the bar to add a new point. Right-click a point to delete it.

Wallpaper used for preview: Prime
Some other visualizer skins like MetalCactuar's Visualizer and Monstercat Visualizer for cross-referencing
Settings UI uses Mouse.dll plugin by NighthawkSLO

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