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VS: Dash
WallTri Sphere
Dock: Dash Dock mod + RipMe HD
Foobar2000FooMetrox II mod
Rainmeter: MusicBar, clock font is Intro
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that clock. i like it.
nice setup...
btw can u share how to setup the clock??
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Awesome,gonna install to my windows theme changer
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welcome my friend!
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Thanks for giving a fuck! :D (Big Grin) 
sorry i had to do it
NeEsZmEeCk's avatar
At a first look i thought it was a Brackets window in the screenshot.
Looks nice and clean, that´s a great VS. The foobar skin and the wall are awesome.
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Haha, didn't actually know what Brackets was (I don't do a lot of web dev), but I saw the site and wow, the colors sure are similar.
Thanks! :)
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how did you mod the foobar theme?
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View > Layout > Enable Layout Editing Mode
Then just look into the properties or hit configure, which will lead you the script (for the WSH panel mod components, at least)
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another question, how do you get the taskbar player, and I can't seem to be able to find the font variable.
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The font used should be inside the scripts. Otherwise I'm not too sure :<
The taskbar player is a self-made Rainmeter skin, I'll probably release it soon after I wrap it up...
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I've always wanted foobar as a deskband, so I'm definitely looking forward to that!
Also, nice soothing and clean desktop there :)
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Yeah, I've always wanted one so I just decided to make one myself this time round. Haha.
Excited to share it!
And thanks :D
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