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The Fizzualizer

By undefinist
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Hey guys, made a new visualizer!

gifs here:
kinda based on this:…
if skin gets cut off, increase OffsetX/OffsetY

okay bb :peace:

1.2 (6 Aug 2018): Fix skin not centering properly
1.1 (3 Sept 2017): Fix odd num items breaking skin
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how do i put it to taskbar location? i saw ppl did that in comments please help

I have a question, why does the visualizer seem to have invisible borders that seem to make it impossible to move the skin at the bottom of my screen? If it's not much can it be a simple explanation, thx, not very well versed in the art of rainmeter code.

[EDIT] I solved it already, thx for the great skin

Change these values and it should work

Screenshot 2021-03-27 102829

Can someone explain me why when I turn on HideWhenNotPlaying, it also hides when the music is playing?

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Thanks for this masterpiece! I kinda like this look :)

Screenshot 2021-03-10 152336
Could you send me the skin of your date?

i wanna make it black and white. plz tell me the hsv color code or the process. TIA

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Replace the number in SatMin & SatMax to 0 :D

This one Good! Ty

Thank you for this!

Screenshot (7)

damn ,its beautiful i have looked it for 5 hours now

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3D Llama Badge I like this Rainmeter skin Water Blob .rmskin

this is awesome, I do have a question/need help.. I did read just about all the comments which helped me learn how to customize this and im learning so much about using rainmeter, I think I finally get why true PC people love this more than mac, you officially got me.. my question, unsure if its possible. It seems like the balls on the left half get a bit bigger/have more explosion than the balls on the right. Is it possible to even that out, or is it responding that way due to the music im listening to?

Screenshot (95)

can i ask how you made it like that it looks awsome

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your music has more bass or something like that

is there a way to balance that out without affecting my music? Just tested it and even on songs with almost no bass the left side is still much larger than the right, heres a photo while im playing piano music. from the other equilizers i tried this one is the best, love how customizable it is. Im new to all this, was also curious if there is a way i could make a second fizzualizer and then mirror it so it I could play it from the top(where green would be on the right and red on the lelft)... lmk how to best reward you for making this, I always like to support creatives that I enjoy!

Screenshot (97)
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That's weird. Do you have the rest of the visualizer cut out from your screen? (Try editing the skin and changing the ball sizes if it's too large, or move it around to the center) Here's what mine looks like.


Amazing Skin! Keep up the good work bro!!!!!!!

how can i make it smaller?

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