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OBLIQ for foobar2000

Required components:
Columns UI
Panel Stack Splitter & ELPlaylist
WSH Panel Mod

0. Install OBLIQ / OBLIQ DARK VS if you want it to look like the preview image.
1. Install required components and then restart foobar2000.
2. Install font Bebas Neue included in the zip download.
3. Set Preferences -> Display -> User Interface Module to Columns UI.
4. Go to Preferences -> Display/Columns UI -> FCL importing and exporting, hit Import... and import OBLIQ.fcl
5. You can change the colors and fonts under Columns UI / Colours & Fonts (Just change mode to Custom, for fonts just change the Commons)

Other parts of OBLIQ
OBLIQ for Rainmeter
OBLIQ DARK for AIMP by burnsplayguitar
© 2017 - 2021 undefinist
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Love this theme!

how to open preferences?

2020-11-27 15 45 55-Start

What the f is that "10 lagu paling sedih anime Naruto"

This is such a good theme, good work dude! Also, is there a way to make the album and track info smaller? I'm on laptop and it's kind of annoying to not being able to properly see the name of my songs

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Hello, sorry for late reply!
Open preferences > Display > Columns UI > Colours & Fonts > Fonts Tab
Element: Common (labels)
Mode: Custom
And you should be able to change the font.

Anything more advanced you will have to change the script yourself, but from what you wrote it should suffice

Yep, that did the trick. Thanks a lot!

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doesn't work more in new versions

If possible, could you please share the foobar2000 folder in zip? Then I believe that many issues would be solved.

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No Preview
 here you go. after unzipping rename to .exe
Halo^^ I got the same problem as xf0rg0tt3nx mentioned below. Ever I add a playlist, the bottom WSH panel shows "Aw, crashed". Is there any properties / configuration to change / import? THANKssssssss

20180823015617 by ice1018    
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I know it's been a while, but I think the problem might be not installing bebas neue!
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i'm not really sure... does the log say anything? sorry :x
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AHHH. I did everything perfectly and I get a "Aw, crashed. :(" at the bottom. Screenshot here:
Is this only for a portable installation? I'm using the latest version of foobar, which I think is 1.3.17. Yes, I have all components enabled. Yes I'm using Columns UI. Yes, I imported OBLIQ.fcl, and as soon as I imported it, it showed exactly like the screenshot. I am so confused.
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I know it's been a while, but I think the problem might be not installing bebas neue!
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Hi, are you new to foobar? I haven't tinkered with fb2k for a really long while so I was confused too when trying with a fresh foobar, lol.
I believe you have an empty playlist, if you right click the open area you can see a label called playlists, go over it and select a playlist.
If you don't have a playlist just go to prefs (ctrl-p), media library > album list, album view list at the bottom, right click all music and hit "Create Autoplaylist", you should then have a playlist called All Music.
After that just restart foobar and I believe there shouldn't be crashes?
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I'll try that and update later. I'm not really new to fb2k. I've used themes before, but on this newest install I've tried 3 or 4 different themes and they all want to crash on me. I'll try your suggestion though.
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that's weird tho, i used the latest version. could be conflicting plugins? good luck!
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I dunno... these are all the plugins I have.
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Did you try setting a playlist?
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I did, and I encountered the same issue.
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this is a weirdly late comment niivu haha, but thanks
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