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Finally got it done! Peace 

Only tested on 1903
For 1703 / 1709 / 1803 / 1809 / 1903 (recommended Light mode for 1809+)
Themed taskbar/startmenu with StartIsBack++

Before doing anything, you should make a system restore point.
I am NOT responsible for anything that happens!

Guide To Installing Windows 10 Themes by niivu 

OBLIQ for Rainmeter
OBLIQ for foobar2000
OBLIQ DARK for AIMP by burnsplayguitar

Icons in the preview are from Vertex iPack


Update (31 Jul 2019): Update for 1903
Update (28 Dec 2018): Update for 1809
Update (30 Aug 2017): Add a theme variant for taskbar indicators (with smaller icon margins) + fix icon margins
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Sangat sangat dingin untuk di lihat, tampilan yang keren dan memuasakan

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Looks beautiful on my end. I've got 2004 ver. The only thing is that my system icons on the taskbar (sound, wifi, battery indicator, etc') are nearly the same color as the grey.

Very nice, Thank you very much

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Woooooooow meeen, this is so beautiful, finally a nice non-dark theme that I like :D

Awesome work bud, keep it that way, you gained a new follower today, wish i could donate or some, but im economically complicated right now :(

Sorry and so much thanks for sharing your work! :+favlove:

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my version in 2004, but the file explorer has not changed, and OidNewExplore is also set. Can you help me solve it

A full guide on how to get this theme working would be great since Niivu's guide cant be accessed anymore, am using 1903 and using UltraUXT theme patcher alone isn't working with this theme for me.

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hi can i install it for build 1909?? compatible or not??

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I don't know.

According to… it seems so.
please the latest windows version 1903 !!
Love it! thank you very much :)
Dosent change the file explorer for some reason
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could be a problem with your patching. not sure.
Can you send me the download link, because the one in the post doesnt work anymore. I would love to try this theme out!
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Hi, it does, DeviantArt just gets weird sometimes. Just refresh and try downloading again.
Update 1809 please ;(
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Hello, does this theme support the display of 200% dpi?
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Nope, sorry. I'm on 100%
Can I use it on 1809 oktober update?
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nope, don't think so, have not updated it
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Risked and installed. works fine. there's the taskbar part which I don't like. how can I disable it? Also, the start menu icon disappears in this theme. I wonder if it's a problem or a part of the theme. you mentioned StartIsBack++ in description. I'm gonna go check it.

UPDATE: Just installed StartIsBack++ and the theme is complete. But, is there a way to change the taskbar color? and the start menu icon is not the same in the picture above. here's my Display:
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no, you can try the dark vs maybe. sorry! for the icon you have to manually import the start orb in startisback
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