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Only tested on 1903
For 1703 / 1709 / 1803 / 1809 / 1903 / 2004
Themed taskbar/startmenu with StartIsBack++

Before doing anything, you should make a system restore point.
I am NOT responsible for anything that happens!

Guide To Installing Windows 10 Themes by niivu 

OBLIQ for Rainmeter
OBLIQ for foobar2000
OBLIQ DARK for AIMP by burnsplayguitar

Icons in the preview are from Vertex iPack

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Update (3 Jan 2021): Fix explorer bottom pane color
Update (31 Jul 2019): Update for 1903
Update (28 Dec 2018): Update for 1809
Update (9 Sept 2017): Fix white titlebar caption background sometimes
Update (30 Aug 2017): Add a theme variant for taskbar indicators (with smaller icon margins) + fix icon margins
© 2017 - 2021 undefinist
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does not work well on windows 10 20h2

god 30/10 and mega GoOD

Thanks for sharing and many successes

Funciona no Windows 7?

Hi. Mine has white boxes. also, the white flashes are stressful. it happens everytime a new window pops up. I really love the design. could you please help me? thank you

Annotation 2021-01-02 135729
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I fixed the bottom pane color. Please redownload it. You may also hide the pane using Alt-Shift-P. For the OneDrive window color, make sure your system color is Dark mode.

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Is this still compatible with the latest October Build ?
Vert good thème !
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it should be. make a restore point first if you're unsure.

hey, really loved the theme!

is there a way to change the color from red to blue?

this theme is compatible to Windows 10 v2004?

Yes it is compatible with windows 2004. I did installed it on my windows 10 v2004 build 19041

Hey this theme looks cool, can you please make it for windows 8.1!! I seriously want this dark theme. Thanks

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not working at all, it's just changing the colors. plus a couple other programs got messed up


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hey mate, the patch probably didn't apply properly. As seen on you might have to take ownership of the files

Hi, can you help me, I also eat it to the seasoned men install but me, how do I make it look good?

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oh, absolutely fantastic.

thank you, it's working now.

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Hi! thanks for this theme! love it!

Could you also do this theme for Google Chrome? plsLlama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1]

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Thank you so much. I've never touched google chrome themes so eh. If you haven't already you can use the themed titlebars by adding the flag --disable-windows10-custom-titlebar to the "target" of your chrome shortcut. If you want a full chrome theme you should look into making your own, it's always more satisfying to make it yourself. Cheers!

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