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MusicBar for Rainmeter

By undefinist
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 Smooth fades
Credits: Contains an icon from White Pixel Icons

Accompanying screenshot
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Is there a way to make it a scroll text animation for big titles. Especially because I use TaskbarX to center my taskbar. Thanks in advance!

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Pretty good!

Love the skin, how can I remove the musical note hovering above the skin?
Never mind I found it, for anyone wondering, I just removed [DefaultCover]
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Thanks for making this great skin! It's exactly what I'm looking for. However, for album with large cover image 1500x1500+, the big cover appearance effect when hover is quite laggy. Is there anyway to fix this?
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Hi, the problem is rendering huge images in Rainmeter takes up a lot of cpu. I suggest editing the .ini and changing Step under sFade to 255, this will make the appearance immediate.
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Thanks for your reply. I actually figured it out :) Do you know how to keep it just on the taskbar? If I choose "Stay topmost", it will stay over other fullscreen apps too but if it's not "Stay topmost" it will be under the taskbar. I currently use this plugin to hide when a fullscreen is open but it thinks the desktop is full screen too :(…
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idk tbh. does the plugin work for you currently? maybe add a contextmenu option to hide the thing
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It works but it recognizes the desktop as a fullscreen app so it will hide it if I'm on the desktop which I don't want. Otherwise, it works ok. There's also some flickering when I click shows desktop or click on the taskbar but it's because of rainmeter "stay topmost".
thank you for this beautiful skin but how should it works, for me it just display the minimal icon and the blue line under it
Maybe it is an error using Windows media player?
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Change the player in the ini file, refresh the skin and play something
thank you so much, it is working now 
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There's a small musical note symbol hovering above the taskbar when no music is playing. Any ideas?
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Yeah I put it there so you can double click it to open the player
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I was looking for something like that for many years, very nice!
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awesome, thanks! :)
Looks great!, Was just wondering if there is a non hovered version, and how can u put it on top of the taskbar like in the shot, cheers :)
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top of taskbar: right-click, manage skin, position: stay topmost.

remove hover: right-click, edit skin, under [DefaultCoverBack], comment out MouseOverAction=... (just add a semicolon in front of the line so it's ;MouseOverAction=...)
Ok cool!, Thanks for the reply mate, Cheerz!
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How can I change the overallsize of the musicbar? :D
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Change CoverSize, until it fits nicely, then modify the other size/padding variables until they look good! Sorry it's not so clear -- the CoverSize affects the 'general' height.
great skin, i love it verymuch, but i only want to show song name , dont show artis name, and i want song name have middle positon . How to edit that.(sorry my bad english :(
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