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I like to think that this melee weapon specialist jaffa warrior is both enhanced with chemical and genetic augmentations (maybe some subtle cybernetics too) that gives him both inhuman agility and speed as well as equipped with a less advanced but still powerful personal energy shield that allows him to close the distance rapidly when facing squads of ranged enemy units or soldiers were he uses his tritium, depleted naquada forged scythe with a crystalline matrix coated blade which can bypass all but the most powerful shields in one swing, slicing and dicing their victims into bloody pieces and even eviscerating most light enemy vehicles in a flurry of deathly strikes. His helmet is also rad as hell, always loved that part of the Goa'uld aesthetics that sadly were more or less phased out as seasons progressed and the system lords ceased to be a credible threat to the Earth and stargate command. I do hope one day if they ever revive the series they'd have the budget and vision this hypothetical time around to explore and flesh out the possibilities!

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This reminds me of Stargate movie.
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He is really amazing, well done job Unded :D
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Kneel before your God
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Wow so awesome.
It goes to my favorite ^^
This is just sexy for no reason lol. The look of everything is just down right amazing. I love the weapon and head.
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I guess you could call these guys Chaos Guards, as Seth was the god of chaos, the desert and foreigners.
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Seeing this I can't help but remember Teal'c's joke about Seth's Jaffa... xD
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hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot


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Wicked! Absolutely love it!
Forget the dripping nose, this is ten different levels of Awesome!
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He has cool weapon. :D
Oh man this is awesome, and yet they made a Joke about Seth's jaffa, Man...
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oh i forgot to draw the dripping nose
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Cool. Awesome job.
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I liked star gate too !!! very nice work
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:) good painted :D
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