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Ubuntu Grunge

My version of the ubuntu logo.
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well, geart :X
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We're always looking for talented Ubuntu Artist.

Please visit: Ubuntu Artwork Team

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Looks great, but the text is a big distraction. Would love to see this without the text.
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This is awesome. Thanks!

I'll be using it on my desktop (Ubuntu, of course!).

hey nice to hear you like it enough for you background :) i also use it for every ubuntu installation i got *g*
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I love it xD I shall print this on a 12cm X 12cm harder white paper for my CD cover of my CD-RW I use for burning newer versions of Ubuntu =). I can't wait I install 8.10 version on my laptop when it comes out this month.
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with 1280*1024 resolution i thought it was enough for word but when i inserted it in ms office word it had 8,68cm of height and 10,85cm of width at 100%.
and i didn't want to print it with over 100% because picture wouldn't be so clear. doesn't matter, i have put this pic for my computer background ^^. i'm new to making cd covers >.<
a great version !
(aero sucks)
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