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Space Landscape

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This is a space landscape I made using a tutorial found here [link]

I saw the tutorial a few days ago and decided I would try it out because it didn't look too complicated but interesting. I don't think I did as well as I could have done, I kinda rushed it a bit but it came out quiet nicely.

I did change a few things from the tutorial, like making the moon opaque instead of showing stars through it which should be impossible. I also changed a few colours and just minor stuff to make it my own.

The stocks I used are:

Hills - :iconbleu-claire-stock: - [link]
Mars - :icondeathshadow391: - [link]
Moon - :icontala-stock: - [link]
Clouds - [link] under a creative commons license
Birds - :iconmyownbestfriend666: - [link]
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Well I'm impressed! It looks good to me so I dont really have anything to offer other than that. :)
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Nice This looks really awesome check out few of my photo manipulations!
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Thank you very much
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You have been featured in a news article: [link]

+:heart: the article for a better promotion of your artwork :)
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I like this one best of the three I was shown...it looks like it could be real.
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Used here [link] I credit those who contributed to this piece!
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the links not working :(
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Thanks it looks pretty cool :)
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Ugh, I'm just in love with this. The colors are amazing, I adore the contrast, and your composition is outstanding. Amazing job on this, really. <3
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Thank you very much.
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i need to hurry up and get older so i can live out my dream of going into space and playing golf on the moon!;P awsome picture, i faved before it fully loaded!
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haha thanks, and yeah you do :)
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lol, no problem!=D moon golf here i come!
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