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The Wendigo is an evil spirit that lurks in the darkest parts of the forest. Unfortunate souls who lose their way in the forest can become a host for the Wendigo. The Wendigo invades the host body and fill them with rage and a craving for flesh of it own kind.  The Wendigo is so gluttonous that it will even eat the host's body, leaving behind bones and the true form of the Wendigo can be seen.

Here is my go at the Wendigo, I was looking up trees consuming objects (for school art project) that when I got the idea for my wendigo. 
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This is a wonderful piece! I was curious if I could have permission to use this on Animal Jam Clans Wiki. I will provide credit with a link to your DA account. :)
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glad you like it and sure thing
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The calf bones are in the wrong part of the legs though, they should be higher up
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oh is it, my bad
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Fiddlesticks from League of Legends
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The undead never cease to terrify
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epic! I am really freaked out over these guys now, me and a friend watched a (fake of course) Wendigo tape, about some teens that got lost in the forest and started eating eachother and then they got attacked by a wendigo and yea 
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ah sweet where can i find this video
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its on this Youtube channel called lost tapes, you can find all sorts of monster vids on there, there one about a lizard man and another about a giant octopus 
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Oh my god THATS AWESOME!! =^w^=
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Hey, I was wondering if it was okay if I had your picture as a (credited) background on my blog,… If not, I can always take the picture down.
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Just got a kick from searching 'tree consuming object/s' images.
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i seatrch for weird thing don't I 
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Ouo good windigo
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