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Hey hey all

Long time n brains, all of us have been very busy, life... cosplays... uni.. work.
Plans of new Undead group projects are in plans, nothing happening as of right now but... hang in there we are always looking for new ways to cover something in blood ;)

Many of us will be hitting the usual UK Cons this year.. if you are at any of the following and see us come by and say hello: LSCC, Kitacon, Kapow, MCM May, LFCC.... and so on...

Something :iconbloodspiderx: and :iconragemoreroberts: have been working on has been released on to Machinima's youtube channel, our Mass Effect Fan Film we shot with Sneaky Zebra. So please click the link, if you like it please share it.…

Thanks again to all you awesome followers and those who continue to join.

Hey guys. Not a lot has been happening to update you with at the moment. LFCC has just been and passed. Myself and :iconbloodspiderx: were there representing the other group we work for Heroes Alliance UK. I was running  a photobooth, you can check out the album at the link Bellloowwwww…

Aside from this we are pretty busy. Some of us have Mass Effect Armour to be working on, some of us have Assassins to do. We, incase you didnt see us, put together a small disney group at May Expo, which was a fucking riot. Promise to update with yet more photos soon.

We have all just been ridiculously busy. Hope Ya'll are fine and dandy <3

ZM. x
Hey guys. We will be hitting up quite a few cons and events this year, it looks like a pretty full on year. The events that have been confirmed are:
Midlands, LFCC, Kapow Comic con, May Expo and Kitacon(myself and :iconbloodspiderx: will be hitting this up. (ive seen a few things saying March collectormania is cancelled. Anyone confirm this?)

We are all busy on costumes at the moment, including a select few from Marvel VS Capcom, Assassins Creed: Brotherhood, and a new version of Disney*, as well as some members working on personal costumes.

*the sweet no blood kind. Plus we all did a character swap over.

I dont know if I mentioned it on here before but Collectormania was fun. Me (i got to wear ghetto elektra on Sat) and :iconsnarkshot: got to try out our Surprise Terrance and Philip cosplay on Sunday, while :iconbloodspiderx: donned his trusty Darth Revan.

What are you guys up to, what are you looking forward to this year. Any big costume plans?

Hope you all have a great xmas and a bloody good new year.

ZombieMama. x
Some of you might know of Jenn SirFlamboyantWreck, she is a good friend of ours who joined us at Midlands in February and cosplayed an amazing Zombie Aladdin ( She has an awesomesauce show on youtube called Demyx Time….

She entered a competition, and if she stays in the top 10, she'll get to meet Darren Shan, who has been one of her all-time favourite authors since she was a wee girl. And if she manages to win 1st place, she gets an iPod touch!

So I guess what I'm trying to say is, please go vote for her! For as long as I remember, she's been absolutely insane about Darren Shan, and as an aspiring writer, this would be absolutely huuuge for her :).

Just follow this link and 'rate' her :) :… It would be much appreciated!

Zombie Cinderella
Its coming up fasttttt.  Anyone catch a screenshot of it? Will pay with cookies.

P.s. If you get the chance and you havent seen it yet, get your butts down to the :iconcosplayfever: exhibition. Or come to the take down party. We will all be there.

ZM x

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