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Spreading Zombieism like an STD
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WOW I saw the belle at first, but didnt kno there was a group!! ITS AMAZING!! You've inspired my idea for my halloween costume!! I must ask thou, how do you apply the blood??
Hey. Sorry for the late response. We buy our blood and literally throw it on. We have several different kinds and methods. It depends whether youre talking skin or clothes. x
THESE ARE SO COOL!!! You guys should do a cosplay of the Twisted Princesses! idk if u've seen them but it's so cool! check it out!~[link]
Hey. We saw them a few months after we started on our cosplay. Jeff does an amazing job.
ik! he's so awesome at it! and if it was done in cosplay it's be so BA!
what will you be dressed as for mcm midlands 2011?
Sorry we missed this comment before ><

We were marvel vs Capcom. x