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Tiny Muffin

Because Derpy.

I like using thick, messy lines. My OCD isn't rampant enough to enjoy drawing fine, clean outlines (even though I try my best at clean lines for the comic)
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:iconderpyhappyplz::iconsaysplz:Oh well, size doesn't matter.
:iconrarityplz::iconsaysplz:Oh I beg to differ, darling.
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her thoughts: not sure if muffin or cloud trying to trick me :D
Sonic-chaos's avatar
I hate my OCD ¬_¬
PaperMatt202's avatar
I love Derpy so much. :3
evewing102's avatar
Awesome picture!
techno103's avatar
eat me i say you no you wont to nom nom
RaenBoow's avatar
aaaaaw Cute ^^
Yoraee's avatar
Silly Muffin. You know you can't win a staring contect against Derpy!
W0nderbolts's avatar
her first encounter with a muffin!!
Raiding-Viking's avatar
filly derpy is D'AAAAWWwww-tastic
glittering-pony's avatar
I like your thick messy lines! I like to draw that way whenever I draw just for myself.

Also, this is too cute. Why is the muffin so small?!
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tiny muffin vs Depy, let the battle begin
PupLeo's avatar
oops derped , I meant Derpy
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No words can justify how much :icondawwwwplz: this is.
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I like it, very well done.
Though the muffin could be a bit larger...
Jiro-Dyne's avatar
What we're watching here is this fine specimen, a one Derpy Hooves, stalk it's natural prey, The Muffin. :la: Fascinating!
Delphi-is-Script's avatar
She looks so fascinated! xD
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Mini muffin ftw?
MegamanSora's avatar
Muffin for Derpy!
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MidnyteSketch's avatar
"Ummm, please tell me you have more than this little one pwease~"
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