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Pinkie Says Goodnight - Wise Wind Whistler

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So I'll admit, I couldn't really do a comic about a G1 pony that I don't know anything about, because I've never seen the old show. I did do some research though and discovered that Wind Whistler is a logical equine with a superfluous vocabulary. So it's kind of short this week, but what is said is done.

If checking Wikipedia is any indication, we're running low on episodes. Next week I go to PAX East in Boston over the weekend so I'm going to have to write another comic before I take that trip, and then I'm going to drop a pretty important announcement afterwords. Stay tuned!
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This is just how Internet feels inspiring! Allonsy! 
On the eve of this generation of pony's finale, i am reminded of thsi comic. The words speak true even now. May pony inspire others for years to come, and may more old works, old stories be revived alongside the new and unique creations too.
And maybe hat to remind me what happen again to think how to introduce
Shy Maud figure with a body of Pony this time as a visitor , beside some times which  did not finished yet
the corrupted or showing power holding for long
finally showing in paches of chaotic stripe lines
When the hair gets wavy layer as well

and was never in
presence as a traveler  observer combining all as true
That was why was just forbidden to visit
the story would be dull as bitter quiils
With battle magic knolige and fearing the frail bodies will fizz
so even with my research as well and having a blocage would be boring unless if Ivisit as support as I usually designed it
maybe I have to finish it finally and get to work those legs from sleeping
from being in chair and bed too long to get them moving

Zecora you were correct with the easy rhiming
with no straining to do

that is my second good night becaus this time I will do
Well this is the lat
bUt I said in in sleepiness ,
my mind getting fuzzy and my mind in webs and gibbernets
aND with no more ado
I say
GOOD NIGHT at last
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For someone who never saw the show, you have Wind Whistler's dialogue spot on.
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You're very close... though a common joke with this character is that the other ponies would be super confused as to what she said. Wasn't really reflected in this comic.
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I just noticed something uts pinkies birthday today
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Spongebob pinkie put spongebob in your goodnight show
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*cries about it being over*
*but still fully understands the need to stop something that turned from fun to work*
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Well, if it makes you feel better, MLP-Silver-Quill is continuing it, with perimission from Undead-Niklos.
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I am thinking about adding the first page of this comic to my archive but first I need to know if you will be continuing this comic. please reply at your earliest convenience thank you.
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Sadly I am not. Thanks for the interest though!
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well that's cool because I can still add it to the archive anyway because your comic has no story WOHO!
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i suggest that you do a comic with another world character, like ash ketchum, or do another silly thing with breaking the 4th wall or dr. hooves.
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Favorited this comic. It is bitter-sweet and beautiful.

It's sad to see a cute comic come to an end, but I'd rather you end a comic you have no fun drawing anymore than to continue making it and risk a building resentment.

Thank you for bringing adorableness into the world.
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i wanted to vote for G1 fluttershy: sweetheart! Man. i wish this thing continued, i loved it...
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There is no G1 Fluttershy.
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Yeah I miss it too. Sorry you feel that way about it. Do you have another project that is working for you?
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Nothing huge, right now I'm really just practicing my art and refining my style. So far it's been pretty worthwhile. If anything comes from it in the future and I decide to do another big project DA will be the first place I'll let people know about it. So keep an eye out, I guess!
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will you ever update this :(?
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Afraid not. Sorry. :(
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why? :'( I flipping love this comic!
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