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Pinkie Says Goodnight - Twilight Sunset

Considering how much tootpaste I packed into this comic, it's a wonder that Colgate didn't show up anywhere.

Next week we've got Octavia to guest star with Pinkie once again. Last time that happened Octavia didn't get much dialogue. Maybe she'll speak up a bit more this time! Stay tuned!
Thanks for reading, goodnight!

Edits: Spelling! :)
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THEN why not Colgate , Hahahaa
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Never mind that he doesn't have any teeth.
MusicFreak25's avatar
Lol 'princess cheesebreath' 😂
BenRG's avatar
I always knew that 'gator was trouble! Angel Bunny isn't the real Dark Lord of the pets! ;)
Fermin-Tenava's avatar
But... Gummy has no teeth...
FlairTheDark's avatar
well nice to see shimmer and twilight getting along ^^ its nice to see people getting along. makes me feel all warm and fuzzy ^^
DJHiryu508's avatar
...who the hell STEALS toothpaste?
FlairTheDark's avatar
And discord. Im pretty sure that would be chaotic enough to be somthing he'd do.
FlairTheDark's avatar
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:iconsunsetshimmerplz: Do you know who has a pink coat and blue eyes?

:icontwilightsparkleplz: You have no idea.....
PrincessCrystalSnow's avatar
Oh darn it. Who knows a working picture of PONY Sunset shimmer working?
WarriorOfAges's avatar
Panel 11: OBJECTION!!!
TShadow13's avatar
It wasn't me !
ZuzannaPon3's avatar
CMC--Scootaloo's avatar
Creepy Gummy at the end......
Well, didn't plan on sleeping anyway.......
ZDForrest's avatar
But gummy has no teeth! He must want the toothpaste for something dastardly!! 
Yourmove17's avatar
Colgate: That's my pet!
Pinkie: NO! HE'S MINE!
(*Fighting starts*)
Gummy's inner thoughts: Why do the mares (and some stallions) always fight over me.
AlexKazhdan's avatar
That ending is just perfect. :XD:
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