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Pinkie Says Goodnight - Surprise Guest


And we're back. Feels like it's been forever, hasn't it? Sorry again about last week's blunder, I can be pretty absentminded sometimes!

I am aware that when I do skip a week of comic it bumps another guest off the list until the finale, and I'm really sorry if your vote gets knocked off if it comes to it. I will try no less than my hardest to get as many comics out there as I can, but please don't be upset if it does happen. I do these things in the free time I do get between work and my other pursuits and even then most of the time I'm working last minute.

Besides all of that, I am happy to get a comic out this week, I have so much fun writing and drawing these and I love all the discussion and support I get from my readers, even when I do mess up. Thanks again for reading, and I hope to have you hear again next week!

EDIT: Silly me, can't spell words.
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Hmm, G1 Surprise is a peagesus G4 Pinkie is an earth pony. So is there a unicorn Pinkie in G2 or G3?
DarnUsernames's avatar
*gasp* all that i have ever known is a lie
FF2Rainbowgleam82's avatar
FF2: was i ever a G1?
me: NO! you originaly where a G3 earth pony!
me: ha ha! just kidding!
FF2: J-E-R-K
FlairTheDark's avatar
well looky there, pinkie met her past self. how nice.
FlairTheDark's avatar
thats a disney cup?
I thought it was a referecne to how the title "Darkness" from the Darkness games is written...huh...
demiprimordialgal's avatar
That's the Disney Logo :O
FlairTheDark's avatar
hm my eyes must be getting wrose.
1cosmiconsciousness's avatar
Surprise does look good for her age. Sure she isn't a relative of Pinkie?
ZuzannaPon3's avatar
Surprise is an actual pony in the show, but she doesn't look like a color swap of Pinkie Pie.
Surprise was in Season 2 episode 10 "Secret of my Excess" as one of the Wonderbolts, and is also one of the minifigures in the cloudsdale set.
LuvLuvDarkness's avatar
Surprise meets pinkie.
Zeldafand's avatar
You should have Pinkie Pie with Firefly and rainbow dash. Firefly is the old Rainbow Dash that looks and shares like Rainbow's personalities, it is a palette swap.
SiIverQuilI's avatar
NO IT ISN'T! FIREFLY IS DASHIE'S MOM! Dear Celestia please don't tell the other ponies/non fictional "humans" lies like that. It throws them off.
Zeldafand's avatar
Actually, it is just a palette swap. But if firefly WAS dashies mom, that would explain more of Rainbow dash's family.
SiIverQuilI's avatar
*Facehoof* For- ugh. No point arguing. -3-
LuvLuvDarkness's avatar
um, if you don't mind too much...
Zeldafand's avatar
I love the idea!
Pinkie has met her match
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