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Pinkie Says Goodnight - Muffin But A Thang


Who knew Equestria was so full of Muffin-Based landscapes? Next week we've got Miss Chrysalis to join Pinkie. Should be fun.
Thanks for reading! See you all next week!
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RaginRonic's avatar
Nice David Letterman reference there, with the busted window.

Fansyboots's avatar
I cannot un-hear BaldDumboRat's portrayal of Derpy….
Derron116's avatar
That voice has become my mental Derpy voice, I see Derpy speak and I automatically think of that voice. Glad I'm not the only one XD
FlairTheDark's avatar
The muffin apocolypse is coming O.o
MarioKid97's avatar
Sweet, I was the first one to make the muffin man joke. Glad to see it catch on!
thelastairbender20's avatar
Pinkie: Time to get a new window.
I wish there was an animation for this.
Hasbro should make this a special series.
SiIverQuilI's avatar
Hah, Love the 12th slot :) Derpy: Do you know, The Muffin Man? Pinkie Pie: The Muffin Man? Derpy: THE MUFFIN MAN! Heh heh, Shrek Moment :') Brings me back to my fillyhood.
KironStrife's avatar
Pinky has an old German U boat? That still runs?
greencarrot01's avatar
Ah! The second "An Idiot Abroad"! I'm serious. It's a real show. Also, Derpy is best pony.
Patrikov909's avatar
i wanna see her u-boat
Sdaerfhero's avatar
I was really hoping that the Riot cup would have hit a satellite.
neko-paul's avatar
Do you know the Muffin man?
Centaur71's avatar
the one that lives on Drury Lane? or the one at the intersection of Pillsbury and Toll House?
neko-paul's avatar
FUKKIRETA666's avatar
U-Boat? Shes got some cool hardware.
TheDalekKing's avatar
And thus began the 3rd Great War...
Allanpike's avatar
Hahahaha! So much muffin!
Centaur71's avatar
or is it a DERP-sea sub?
YesImDeadpool's avatar
So if we open the Muffin Man's domain he'll make everything more muffin? What's so bad about that?
xNexasx's avatar
Why was there a riot cup?
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