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Pinkie Says Goodnight - Evil Equines

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I think it's fine, honestly. Her skintone didn't even change this time, maybe she'll calm down after a while or something.

EDITs: to the main file because spelling and font issues.
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:iconkiritoplz:: YOU FOOL! YOU'VE DOOMED US ALL!
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pinkie is secretly evil Pinkie pie crazed smile sprite Pinkie pie crazed smile sprite 
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Pinkamena confirmed.

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Kill la Kill cup?! now I have seen the light to heaven
Ya dun doomed Equestria Pinkie that's what ya did
LuvLuvDarkness's avatar
...ya dun goofed, Pinkie.
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Flair: good thing we dont live in equestria eh?
Me: what do U mean we? im pretty sure ur ponified self is going to be living there...
Flair: you cant be serious!
Me: as soon as the cutie mark is done!
Flair: oh dear god...
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Do you do comics with fan made ponies? if so, you should do a Nyx (From Past Sins by Pen Stroke!!!!) comic!!!!!!!
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All the times Luna has shown up here, how the come the moon was never seen before this?
Didn't Luna put on her Nightmare Moon appearance during the Nightmare Night episode?
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Nightmare Moon is in the moon before leaving. *shrug*
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she didn't transform yet
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That cup... There's a friend of mine who'd be perfectly willing to pay good money for a cup like that... Where can I buy one?
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I loved it when she just had nighmare's actual helmet, and just gave her it like a sith lord to his apprentice... Great job man. Keep up the great work and I hope to see more deviations from you in the future! Bye-bye!
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Darth Sidious would've been so proud. :iconemperorpalpatineplz:
D-Goldenheart's avatar
They made the ponified version of Darth Vader...
D-Goldenheart's avatar
Darth Vader? You know? The one with the helmet???
AlexKazhdan's avatar
I know who Darth Vader is. I mean, who made his ponified version? :XD:
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