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Pinkie Says Goodnight - Cello There!

I was running low on time to finish this one. That was close!
If you're curious to see Octavia's first appearance you can check out the comic  here from like a year or two ago

You guys have an excellent holiday season! I'll see you next Friday the 27th with Princess Celestia! Byeeeeeeeeeee.
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pretty octavia
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You hire any musicians to make that music real?
FF2Rainbowgleam82's avatar
FF2: uhhh, youcan't this is- i don't- WHAT?!
me: 4th.wall.
zim: *facehoof*
me: *facepalm*
zim: we are fine!
me: yeah we are perfectly fi-
*glass breaks*
FlairTheDark's avatar
*Sniff* that was beautiful...
Flair: boss I thought this was text based so how can you hear it? you dont even know what the cello sounds like.
me: Fourth wall be damned and every other wall between.
Flair: you didnt.
Me: I did.
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Ah thought Fiddle was her second cousin!
Even her name is Fiddly Faddle, right here:… at Re-use of character model
I know Fiddlesticks is a fanmade name :icontwilightsparkleplz:
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If it's a cello, then why is she playing it like a bass? I used to play bass in an orchestra in high school (maybe that's why Ocatavia is my favorite.) and only the bass can be played standing up.
P.S. that was quite beautiful music -single tear- if only others could hear pictures and notes.
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of course, it's also possible that Octavia is sawing down a tree with her cello and Pinkie is just trolling us.

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I just imagined it was This:
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Nooo... I want to hear Octavia play... Waaaah! 
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You're welcome. :)
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Dat Starbomb mug. <3
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ohhhhh awesome!!!!!!
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hey there everypony.  I had Vinyl and Octavia over after a compilation concert and we were looking at my deviant art and it turns out she didnt know you couldnt here the song, soooooooo she said that maybe sometime she would want to record it and post it on my youtube channel so you can hear it.   sooooo yeah, keep watching my page to get updates if you ever want to possibly hear it.  :)
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oh my dat starbomb cup
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Another nice comic mate. And out of curiosity, is that a Starbomb mug Pinkie has? If so I'm gonna put down this here.;)
Keep it up, your doing great.:D
Funnily enough, one of the upcoming episodes in season 4 does have some implications that Pinkie may also be related to the Apple family. So technically speaking, that means that Octavia and Pinkie could be related, as well (going by this comic, anyways).
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I like to think that the song Octavia is playing is this one from Primus.…
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day 28! where's the comic?
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