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Pinkie Says Goodnight - Applejack's Apple, Jack.

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I did it! I was able to post two comics this week to make up for last week's blunder. So technically this is last week's comic that didn't make it to the deadline so I finished it up and posted it here with this week's comic.

I did some apple research for this comic. Had no idea so many different kinds of apples existed. I learned that there's even this apple that you can use as a personal computing device. How weird is that?
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Lol im just naming wuts on da cup
CuteeRainbowSprinkle's avatar
And we're the Game Grumps!
MegaRaichu's avatar
Then explain why there's a blue pony in your family....
Videogeek95's avatar
Oh yeah... Because ALL the apples are incest...

No... I'm serious... Are you SERIOUSLY asking that question...?

Take a minute... Think VERY hard...

There would ONLY be ONE reason... Why there would be a Blue pony in the family... Take a wild guess...
MegaRaichu's avatar
Uhm... the same way carrots went from purple to orange?
Videogeek95's avatar
Marriage... ... ...You idiot...

The blue pony MARRIED INTO the Apple Family...
MegaRaichu's avatar
Don't call me a idiot >.>
If you're going to call me a idiot, at least say it nicely.
Videogeek95's avatar
Marriage... ... ...You Slowpoke...

The blue pony MARRIED INTO the Apple Family...
MegaRaichu's avatar
Okay that's a lot better.
Videogeek95's avatar
I was still comparing you to one of the stupidest pokemon out there...
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I suppose its nice AJ didnt take offence to pinkie nodding off.
Flair: a show well done.
Me: I suppose.
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She's so cute
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Not to criticize, your comics are what make my SMILE SMILE SMIIILLLEE COME ON AN' SMILE! Er... You didn't... Uh... Hear anything... Alright? But... AJ's eye colour is too bright... Please, Please no negative comments :(
I'm not so Gruuuuump.
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I eat those kind of apples all the time. Did wonder what they were called.
psychopathneb's avatar
well miss aj im sorry most peeps like u more for you acent
AlexKazhdan's avatar
Typo in the first panel: "good friend of mine".
Sharpfang's avatar
Except the apple looks nothing like AJ's coat.

That's some really convoluted theory to obscure the simple, obvious truth.

Applejack is Applejack-colored.
AlexKazhdan's avatar
Finally someone gets it!
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