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I'm still up and its like 3 in the morning, so I sketched a little something up in anticipation for the new episode tomorrow!

EDIT: Hey guys, if you're arriving at this picture from an external location, I posted this a week early, and there is a follow-up comic!…

Boy do I feel dumb! Ah well, we all make mistakes I suppose!
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if pinkie was arch ( stallion oc which is an alicorn) this would be him trying to put children to bed.
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she speaks my language :3
1cosmiconsciousness's avatar
I fell asleep half-way through, but I continued in my sleep. You went to bed Pinkie?
th3-c0k3m4st3r's avatar
I just got reminded of Haruhi from that last panel.
maromichan's avatar
Goodnight, Pinkie. It's been fun :)
Centaur71's avatar
Exactly, what WERE all those Languages???
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That was interesting.
If Spokojnoj Noći is supposed to be Serbo-Croatian it's just a tiny bit off. It's the dative of it, the nominative should be Spokojna noć. But either way we just say Laku noć or Prijatno so there's that. I really don't wanna seem like an asshole but grammar is insanely important to me because I love languages too much. Just thought I'd correct that if it even is Serbo-Croatian
LordKane666's avatar
lol I know here she feels cant wait 4 this
AJR001's avatar
Silly Pinkie Pie if we're asleep we won't be able to tell you that we are sleeping (Unless you're psychic)... :XD:
Helsaabi's avatar
Oh Pinkie pie! <3
sonicgail's avatar
Pinkie speaks a Thousand languages and she doesn't speak Dutch?
that happens all the time, Dutch is such an unapreciated language while it IS one of the top 10 hardest laguages for outsiders to learn
pokemonlegend999's avatar
I would like a tiny little glass :whispers: of water.
A fresh pressed hanky (if I sneeze)
rhhay's avatar
Some tea with honey (from the bees)
Kerriecat's avatar
Whenever you can brew it 
Shiruvira's avatar
Dobrou noc xD - Czech xD
DracDraconis's avatar
Lol, whats funny is I need to be catching some z's myself right now, but am having trouble falling asleep... so I did some MLP surfing and found this...
minepearl's avatar
hi there i love this comic and i do not think you are dumb
FairyBubblePuppy's avatar
I asked for a chocolate cake... and she left :( eh :)
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