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Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight - Feeding Frenzy


Also, Happy Valentines Day to those involved in a relationship. And those who aren't. Cherrio!
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She's jerk with a heart of love-feeding gold. Heh
Hhahaha , iSEE WHY IS SILLY ! Damn my kinky fantasy , tHOSE PARTS ARE NOT VISIBLE BUT WITH THIS ...Hhahaha , iSEE WHY IS SILLY
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Pftftftftftftftftftftftftftftfftft. *gasp*
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go talk to THOSE two.
FF2: *blushes* WHAT
zim: don't even THINK-
me: ha ha ha!
me: woah! watch the languge!
zim: yeah!
FF2: *growls* your the worst!
me: i think your the worst
zim: your still on.
me: OH CRUD!
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Flair: I think that was one of the wierdest yet.
Me: we'll just see about that *clicks NexT*
*while laoding*
Flair: hey isnt it wierd how we're NOW seperately talking to each other?
Me: a little, no different than normal really.
Flair: really? and whats normal for u?
Me: tlaking to the more aggrovating and self belititing part of myself.
Flair: christ, if people caught u you'd be in the nuthouse.]
Me: and you think im not already living in one?
Flair: by comparison to the offical nut houses. No. I dont.
Me: well we agree to disagree.
Flair: fair enough. hey does that red light mean the mic's stil lon?
Me: OH F*CK! *cuts off the feed*
Kheelaia's avatar
Hhhnghh, why every comic that shows my fav changeling has to show this idiot furry lesbian too?!
1cosmiconsciousness's avatar
I know you eat love, but come on Chrysallis.
AlexKazhdan's avatar
Seriously, has no one noticed the typo in the word "aggravating"?
angelofrombelow's avatar
Chrysalis and Flufflepuff is literally the only ship I support. Pfft.
Miss-Manga1910's avatar
its my favourite ship. #ChrissyPuff4eva
pineapplehead69's avatar
LuminaBalderson's avatar
*Shears Fluffle Puff.*
Superskyarmy555's avatar
*gasp* HOW DARE YOU!!!
LuminaBalderson's avatar
I just want to know what she looks like with short hair!
LuminaBalderson's avatar
I'm curious!
*Regrows Flufe Puff's coat.*
Is that better?

Also, check her for Navicular.
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The Pufflefluff... it lives...
Twylite-Sparkle's avatar
Meaniepants Chrysalis...
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The moment Chrysalis took the stage, I knew this would involve Fluffle Puff.  Between her, Littlepip, Nyx, and certain others, I wonder if she hasn't become the most popular OC in the fandom.
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