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Eiknip Eip - Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight

Posting super early today because I've got plans for later, but those of you reading from Europe are right on time for this sort of thing. Thanks for reading!
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Twist ending!  Nice. :)
survivor101s's avatar
Oh! anyone know of the 5th and 6th walls? The fifth is where you talk back and the 6th is where you are making your characters do things(like you appear and push them into the house).
O^O Holy crud last panel
Visitor257's avatar
Make a portal to the 2nd dimension and go in it! I dare you!
PokeVoreMaker's avatar
This comic strip is genius! XD
FlairTheDark's avatar
*last pannel*
me and Flair: eeep O.o
1cosmiconsciousness's avatar
Pinkie, it was for the other dimensional you to say "goodnight"
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Seizure Kitty DanceI WILL DANCE IF I WANT TOSeizure Kitty Dance 
she is the only one who could move without moving her reflection.
D-Molish's avatar
pretty sure the joke is that it WAS in fact a portal to another dimension not a mirror
that is a possibility, but i dont think twilight intended to actually do that, so it would have been the doing of pinkie. either way, she has some freaky powers.
AlexKazhdan's avatar
I support your theory. A piece of cardboard with a mirror duct taped to it can't possibly be a real portal.
actually, that was the simple way to say it. good someone can be concise.
PokeVoreMaker's avatar
best response XD
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A really awesome comic!! Love your work! :aww:
DracDraconis's avatar
O.o Hope this doesn't turn into another Mirror Pool Tragedy....
Silverweed91's avatar
Dat Helix Fossil! Also, some wall has been broken, but I'm not sure which...
Centaur71's avatar
That's our Pinkie Pie, MIRROR or less. She POND-ered whether to use the pool, but that no REFLECTION on her. C'mon; that's worth honorable di-MENTION
GeminiJim's avatar
the Helix Fossil!   So Pinkie spends her day going left-up-left-down-down-up-up-left-right-left-saving game constantly?

(that's not all that much more random than usual)
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