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My Demon Ponies Zombie Mini

My Demon Ponies "Zombie Pony"

He is 2 inches wide. I took a toy that I then converted into this little monstrosity. Sealed with 3 coats of clear spray for added protection.

Want to own this? go here ===> [link]
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After a long-term absence, I've finally had the pleasure to look upon the fantastic works of my friend Undead Ed's art once again.

He is truly an artist as he takes "normal" toys and creates the stuff of nightmares from them. He is meticulous in his process and that attention to detail brings his toys to life (or death as the case may be).

His artwork isn't for the squeamish, but thinking back on my own childhood, I would have killed for one of his fantastic creations. He tosses out the commercial meme of brightly colored, cutesy-tootsy critters in favor of an image befitting the imagination of the loner child (think - Eddie Munster's Wolf-Wolf doll) and leaves the loner adult craving a return to childhood years.

Ed's mastery of the macabre proves my belief that not all art must be beautiful, soothing or tranquil. The passions with which he forms his Frankenstein creations are exemplary and the care he takes in ensuring that they will last a lifetime are commendable. Owning one of Undead Ed's toys will make you a proud owner of a very unique art form for generations to come!

There are but a few artists whose work I've made it a fervent passion to own in the future, and one of Undead Ed's creations is certainly on that list.
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Very unique and unusual :)
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Yes, that sums up Ed's work perfectly, doesn't it? Having been a horror aficionado since I was a young child, I immediately picked up on Ed's creations. My biggest problem isn't saving up for one - it's deciding which one I want. ;)
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Ha ha ha yes it does...about the owning some of it I totally understand but eventually its worth it :)
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Thanks bro your words move me! :icondecarabia69: FTW
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Glad to hear that - I had a pretty good movement myself this morning. ;)
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LOOOOOVE THIS!!!!! But, do you ever scare yourself turning innocent toys into freaky demons? o-o
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aaaahhhh kaboom ok you made me shoot the cannon it is a disinigrate cannon
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You have been featured here! Happy Halloween!:iconpumpkinlaplz::iconpumpkinlaplz:
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Zombies + Ponies = winner. You win.
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Hey I love this! Just thought you'd be interested in knowing that I incorporated it into a tattoo I designed: [link]
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lol awesome! many thanks for the picture! If you color it please send me a update and thanks again for doing that very kickass!
Also submit it to your gallery so I can fav it and show it on my page!
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I am not sure what it says about me that I squealed over a zombie. But I totally did.
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I wish I had money T^T
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The Apocalypse Ponies have friends now
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this is awsome! i wanna ask a favour. can i use most or all of your little pony massacares in a movie for youtube? i will provide full credit to you. :) great work btw
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