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Legend Of Undead Ed There is a legend told of a doll-maker named "Undead Ed". It is said that he is responsible for bringing dead children back to life, though not in any means or reason that you might think. Ed has a way of conjuring the lost souls of children who died in some horrific manner and then places their souls into dolls so that they make seek revenge on the living. It all started years ago. They say that Ed used to be a renowned pediatric doctor that worked for a children's hospital. That is, until a terrible tragedy occurred late one autumn night. The children's ward had been set ablaze and that the children were all locked in their rooms with no means of escape. It wasn't until after the investigators looked further that they uncovered the grisly truths. It seems that the remains of the children proved that they had been killed just prior to the inferno. Their bodies had been mangled and dismembered. Various parts of their anatomy had been scattered across the rooms. It was too much for anyone to bear witness to, especially Ed. The sight of the horrors made him snap and he was asked to take a vacation and try to recover from the trauma. He once believed himself to be their savior and now he was only their blind witness. He vowed to find a way to avenge their killers. Ed took absent from his practice and traveled the world in search of answers. He found fascination with a new hobby to keep his mind still. Ed began to collect dolls from all around the world. Not just any sort of dolls but rather ones that seemed tattered and worn. They somehow reminded him of the children he once cared for. He tried to fix them and mend them as best he could. He began thinking that the dolls once had someone who cared about them at some point when they were first created and that by fixing them they would be loved again. While in Haiti he spent a few months with a group of witch doctors and learning black magic. That is when he decided to delve into the occult and began searching for a way to bring the dead back to life. Upon returning home he locked himself away to begin reciting the dark incantations and mysterious spells that he learned. He became focused on conjuring the tortured children's spirits to him. That is most of the legend as far as most know it. But there is more to the story then most people care to know. Some even say that if you find one of these dolls and adopt them into your hearts then the curse will be lifted and the child's soul will finally be at peace. But that's just a legend...or is it?

I pretty much make pipes and other art related items not so much dolls anymore.

Favourite Movies
all Horror
Favourite TV Shows
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Phoenix, Matt and Kim, Passion Pitt, Calvin Harris
Favourite Writers
The King
Favourite Games
Galaxy On Fire HD
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nexus 7
Tools of the Trade
clay, metal tools, glue, acrylics,dolls, paint
Other Interests
Loving my wonderful girl!
A lot has changed since my last journal. I'm now focusing more on my dictionary page paintings and my converted glass pipes. Best way to find out what is new faster than here is to visit my main store www.UndeadEd.etsy.com  if you burn then be sure to check my pipe store www.Zoombiez.etsy.com  Another great way to see what's happening with my art is by Facebook under ED GRAVE.   Here is some of my recent pages of dictionary art for your viewing!  And a few of my pipes,
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New News: As I work hard at getting ready for the upcoming conventions i'm amazed at all that has happened this past year! I'm now doing tattoo machine frames and converting them for Infinite Irons in Deerfield Beach! I'm also now have my art in a few places here in South Florida. I plan on selling my art at more conventions like Tattooplaooza in Miami and the 18th annual South Florida Tattoo Convention in Coral Springs! I'm also getting married on December 1st 2012!  I'll try to list more of my creations here on the site but the best place to see new items is my store http://www.etsy.com/shop/UndeadEd?ref=seller_info and my facebook under E
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Check out my latest endeavor!  My girlfriend and I are painting US coins with our own artistic vision on them. I then turn them into fashonable pendants/charms!  Go here to see the DA page ~ArtisticCents (https://www.deviantart.com/artisticcents) or here to see the store http://www.etsy.com/shop/ArtisticCents?ref=pr_shop  All Horror pendants will be sold through ARTISTIC CENTS not Undead Ed's Art.  So be sure to stop by and see my upcoming zombie coins etc.   Also My girlfriend does fantastic coins of not so horrible things! . . . . Old News: New group :iconcustom-horror-toys: My Stock account :iconundead-art-stock: Here is a link to my Cafepress store http://www.cafepres
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If you are interested in my puppets and the content of my videos, please subscribe to my YouTube channel


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hey great stuff, i wanted to know what type of clay you are using.
Where are u, god??