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An Ode to the Place in my Dream
An island in the mist
Old and forgotten
A cliff side beaten by the sea
Waves crash against its sides far below
Atop the cliff a tree
Seemingly dead
But oh so stubbornly living
Its fellows long dead
Their children abandoning the cliff
But not this tree
It refuses to leave
It never blossoms and is always bare
But it lives there
On the cliff beaten by the sea
On this island in the mist
:iconunde2aker:unde2aker 2 0
Is it empty?
It stands
Almost as if dying
But why
Can it see?
With dulled eyes
Can it hear?
With deafened ears
Can it think?
With dulled mind
If no
Is it alive?
Or has its soul already flown by
:iconunde2aker:unde2aker 1 4
The Forgotten place
Among my travels I have visited many strange and…unique places. However, there comes to mind one location in particular. Now…I believe I was somewhere in the Gods Fall mountains, the blasted ice storms that plague that region make it rather difficult to be precise about ones whereabouts, which run through the old northern Dwarven kingdoms and are said to be the home of the lost temple of the Star Walkers. I was caught in a particularly harsh ice storm and had no shelter to speak of. The cold and seemingly high altitude (The name Gods Fall is rather appropriate) was quickly relieving me of my ability to stay conscious and I soon collapsed in a shivering heap on the frozen mountainside. All that I remember after that was a light and a voice that said “Your work is not yet done…there is much for you to do”. When I finally regained a semblance of consciousness I found myself in what appeared to be long abandoned ruins…alone. Now as the inquisitive in
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The Call
The Wood calls and I answer...
:iconunde2aker:unde2aker 3 5
Why did he save me?
Why did I have to be there?
I had to be so helpless
If I hadn’t tried to “help”
He’d still be alive
The most fantastic
The most unusual
The saddest
The kindest
The bravest
The best man I ever knew
That fantastic man
With his blue box
I’m nothing compared to him
Yet he saved me
That man
That man they called the Doctor
Yet for all the lives he saved
He didn’t save his own
Just for me…
:iconunde2aker:unde2aker 6 2
Havens fall
Gates wide open
To those who are broken
They don’t see the bastion crumbling
The glass cracking
And the flames spreading
For this Haven has fallen…
:iconunde2aker:unde2aker 5 17
Don't judge a book by its cover
They say I’m fine
That I should be smiling
But to them I say, don’t judge a book by its cover
I might look fine
I even might be smiling
But that’s just the cover
The inside?
That’s where the pain resides
It’s where the truth hides
Because I’m not alright
My pages are torn
And stained by hateful scorn
The letters are running
Some are even starting to fade
From this book of hate
Whose fate is to never be read
And to forever reside in my head
:iconunde2aker:unde2aker 8 8
Dear Mistress
Oh my mistress who can compare to thee
Thine beauty seals all lips
And can stop even the strongest willed of men
Yet you hide yourself from me
Remaining aloof
As if mocking me
Why then do you bless others with your touch
A touch that soothes all qualms
And washes away all troubles
A touch cold yet merciful in its own way
Oh woe to me
All I wish to see is thine beauty
To know your peace
And to embrace you in a final dance
But yet you hide from me…
:iconunde2aker:unde2aker 6 21
What am I ?
Since I’m fabricated
They say I can’t be emancipated
Since I run on electricity
They say I can’t be ecstatic
Since I’m emotional
They say I’m dysfunctional
Since I’m a machine
They say I can’t be a human being
Since I can derive to the millionth power
They say I can’t be alive even for an hour
What am I ?
:iconunde2aker:unde2aker 6 9
No matter how these words may flow
This darkness doth still grow
My heart screams soundlessly
As its torn at the seams
No matter how I write
My feelings I cannot convey
So they stay hidden away
And hold sway
No matter what I may say
:iconunde2aker:unde2aker 2 5
Afraid of the Dark?
All they see is malice will
Yet I can see its beauty still
So I’ll commit this treason
Because I see no reason…
No reason at all to abandon it
This beautiful enigma
That seems misunderstood to me
So you can just give it to me
And I’ll be happy as I’ll ever be
:iconunde2aker:unde2aker 6 4
Whispers in the dark
They come in the night
To give me such a fright
They tell me things that can't be right
This madness that I must fight
These whispers in the night
:iconunde2aker:unde2aker 4 12
Man of Iron
His heart made of iron
His eyes burning as red as the hottest forge
Do not laugh at this man of iron
I pity this man of iron
To always be so cold and feel not but burning flame
Is truly hell untamed
:iconunde2aker:unde2aker 3 3
They say that I'm sick
They say that I'm sick
That there is something wrong with me
So they put me in rooms full of people wearing fake smiles
But all I wanted was…
Well it was simple really
I just wanted to be able to stand in my corner
Simple right?
But they say that just won't do
They say I need to be friendly
And talk to the fakers
But I said no
And they said well that won't do
And they put me in this room
To make me talk to you…
:iconunde2aker:unde2aker 2 10
Invisible pains
Do they not see me wince
Can they not see the scars
From a thousand invisible pains
Perhaps it's just a pain I can see
But the blood feels so real
As it flows from me and
A thousand invisible pains
:iconunde2aker:unde2aker 3 3
The Abyss
I gaze into the abyss
Even as it gazes into me
I feel it seeping into my very being
A cold that knows no warmth
So I prepare to take the plunge
To have the cold take me away
And then I jump
Soul and all…
:iconunde2aker:unde2aker 2 5




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1. The world is remade in your image. What is the most absolute law you enforce?
all must learn and strive to better humanity...for my glory of course

2. What's the penalty of breaking said law?
they shall be sterilized, for my glorious humanity has no need for such pointless seed

3. Is there a way to be wrong and right at the same time?
yes...its called a paradox. just watch doctor who you'll understand.

4. You know you're gonna' die tomorrow. You can have anything in the world as your last meal. What would it be?
surprise me

5. If you could do any one thing you want without consequences what would it be?
moon the collected governments of the world

6. What's your favorite kind of music to dance to in the shower? (Before you wised up and realized what a bad idea it is to dance in the shower after that one big fall and minor concussion)

7. If You could re-make any video game from the last twenty years with modern technology what would it be?
star wars battlefront

8. Name one feature you would love the next generation of game consoles to have.
SAO style virtual know less death

9. If you could convince just one person they were totally wrong about something, who would it be and about what?
a robinXraven shipper...for obvious reasons

10. The daily news is far too depressing. Wouldn't it be better if the news was a cartoon? (wacky sound effects, crazy music, and everybody gets a pie in the face)
better, but it needs more explosions and bout they duel with chainsaw rocket launchers!!!

1. You must post these rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you, and create new questions for the people you tag to answer.
3. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal
4. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
5. No tag backs.
6. No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this."

1. You're favorite quote?

2. Best explanation for why Japan is awesome?

3. What is the meaning of life?

4. Got Milk?

5. Does someone yelling sit catch your attention (alright anime lovers who knows this)?

6. Who's familiar with the idea of a lecherous monk?

7. If you had to change one event in history what would it be?

8. Favorite couple...other than BB and Raven of course?

9. What anime made you have the greatest feels?

10. Do you realize writing is hard and not something you can just BS?……………


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