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Nekotalia: Turkey shimeji

At last, it's done ;u;

So here's Turkat, up for download.

Download's here:
RAR: [link]
zip: [link]

1. Download files
2. Extract the files with either winRAR or winzip
(3.) If you downloaded the zip one, you need to find the folder called conf, this folder contains two xml documents, whose names need to be changed to 動作 and 行動
4. Double click shimeji.exe
5. Done :dummy:

Nekotalia to do list
-Itabby [link]
-Prussia [link]
-Canada [link]
-Russia [link]
-South Korea [link]
-Austria [link]
-Norway [link]
-Denmark [link]
-Germany [link]
-Turkey You're here

Hetalia belongs to Himaruya
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Turcat is so smol and chubby X3 That's why he's my favorite from Nekotalia and APH 
topazi's avatar
Excuse me but, I need a little help here, When I click Shimeji.exe, The icon is a small computer with a head popping out (Btw im using Windows 10) And uh.. It says "Java 6 (Random Japanese) and Java (More Japanese)" Do i accept or Deny?
Swedish-Llama's avatar
Hi; I have a problem with downloading this shimeji :(

I have windows ten and I followed all the steps but it still cant get it to work :/ 

A weird java pop up comes up thats in japanese :c 
I havent downloaded these shimejis in a while- and I just wanna know if Im doing anything wrong :(((
nightfuryguy's avatar
ElectricalMiNx's avatar
Can you make Neko!Iceland? He's so kawaii!!
ColorfullArtist's avatar
no wheres endland I need to love him >,<
DarkBabsi's avatar
Cutest Shimeji ever x3
My Turkedi is just sitting around or cloning himself xD
Melon-Block's avatar
Such a cute shimeji a run it every time i am on my computer :3
Gajeelfangirl101's avatar
Syria: MY BROTHERS A CAT!?!?! *Hugs* Mine....
TheHollyLeaf's avatar
When will America be done?  I dont mean to rush you, but im planning to collect them all ^^
HoneyJackal's avatar
you should make an Iceland or a Greece kitty
asmallshortasian's avatar
I died from how cute this is. :love:
Juliusz-Cezar-Tupacz's avatar
Neko!Turkey now is playing his ball!
He is very sweet!
RibbonsChan's avatar
Yay! XD I'm from Turkey! XD
hinatahyuuga1133's avatar
oh may god *dies* i would love to see a neko egypt to goes i can have neko egypt and neko Turkey on my screen
Lopka's avatar
I did everything right and I just can't run it. It keeps sayng me that I don't have Java (and I have it). What to do? :( :(
HetaliaRin's avatar
try clicking on the shimeji file that doesnt have the little round shimeji face thing. a little flag should appear on the bottom right of ur screen.
Micchi-Draws's avatar
You need Java 6.
No higher, no lower.
You may have to downgrade.
ggpokemon's avatar
That little paper bag <3
Star-crash's avatar
Wiccat's avatar
This is the cutest!! Why oh why do I have a mac and not a pc!
JaguarsSoul's avatar
When he was playing with his ball, it really looked like as though eh...
he was humping it

But overall, he's so adorable :love::heart:
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