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Nekotalia: Austria shimeji

He's so classy ;u;

RAR: [link]
zip: [link]

1. Download files
2. Extract the files with either winRAR or winzip
(3.) If you downloaded the zip one, you need to find the folder called conf, this folder contains two xml documents, whose names need to be changed to 動作 and 行動
4. Double click shimeji.exe
5. Done :dummy:

Nekotalia to do list
-Itabby [link]
-Prussia [link]
-Canada [link]
-Russia [link]
-South Korea [link]
-Austria You're here
-Norway [link]
-Denmark [link]
-Germany [link]
-Turkey [link]

Hetalia belongs to Himaruya
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This is for everyone having trouble with it.  You MUST have Java 6 to get it. No other Java works.
Jukegirl223's avatar
:iconsomoeplz: I'm lovin' it <33
LarkspurSparrow's avatar
My screen is overrun by adorable cats now xD
thanks! <3
mine is too and now with japan
growlithegirl13's avatar
i've followed the steps and i cant open it help please?
firezone783's avatar
I want this to work so badly but it's not D:

TennesseeChick46's avatar
or Spain... i will love you forever if you make a Neko-Spain... =u=
lo siento... you must get this alot... XD
SammichPup's avatar
you should do a Romaneko if you can! >w<
IkutoAddict's avatar
*w* I love it!Thank you so much for uploading!
Lilybreeze27's avatar
I will now express my joy and fangirlingness by playing the piano :iconpianoplz:
warandchaoshorla's avatar
I can't rename the files D:
Iamrawrrrrr's avatar
maddie363's avatar
Can I have him ^_^* puppy dog eyes * I always wanted an aristoCAT * shot for being punny *
uncut-adventure's avatar
Oh I see what you did there ;w;

Glad you like it and thanks for commenting! :dummy:
maddie363's avatar
No problem hur hur XD
I. Be punny * shot *
TheChaosDragoness's avatar
Awwwwww, they're adorable :iconaustrialaplz:
uncut-adventure's avatar
Krystal321's avatar
I'm like... What's a Shimeji? But I downloaded it and I'm wondering what to do to make Austria do something XD He's just walking over the bottom and standing/sitting there...
uncut-adventure's avatar
Yeah that's basically all it does ;w; They just derp around on your computer screen :dummy:
Krystal321's avatar
Oh gosh.. what happened!? A new Austria cat? And he just popped out of the box, and now he's on the wall of the screen? ANd he's climbing! HELP MEH!
Krystal321's avatar
Pff he fell. Funny animations!
eberkonig's avatar
How do you re name it?
I've tried right-clicking it, and there is no re-name option, and I've tried going to "Properties" and it won't let me rename them there either. ;n;
Yes, and I'm looking at the right files.
Kaiyoo's avatar
Select the file first, like have the highlight thingy on it, then do it. Or did you not extract?
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