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Ok so some time ago :iconkasumiharu: requested a Karkat shimeji, at that point I'd never even heard from homestuck but anyway now I have and it's pretty awesome ;w;

Well so here he is, have fun with him I guess... Also don't worry if you see this on tumblr, that's just my tumblr account.

Download & instructions:
RAR: [link]
zip: [link]

1. Download files
2. Extract them (winzip or winRAR)
(3.) If you’ve downloaded the zip one, this is an extra step you’ll need to take. Find the ‘conf’ folder which contains two XML documents. These two documents will have to be named 動作 and 行動.
4. Run ‘shimeji.exe’ and you’re done!

/skips away
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I love it when he getts hit by the bucket lol
EvilEve23's avatar
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i downloaded the zip file and change the documents names but karkat hasn't pop up
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:33< it is so funny i added you for your hetalia and didn't know what homestuck was :33
AmejisutoOni's avatar
mine dont really do anything how to they go trickster or god tier ?
thief-of-time234's avatar
um, i feel kind of stupid asking this but... how do the god tier and trickster mode versions occur?
PsionicCastor's avatar
I love this thing. It is adorable. He failed the first time at trying to climb the side of my screen though.
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I got a mac so i downloaded .ZIP.
But i don't understand step 3. What the f*ck should i have to do with thoes two documents?
YasminKirkland1031's avatar
I squealed nonstop when I finally got this!
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beautiful profile picture X33<
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this is so freaking adorable :D
stjimmy56132's avatar
I know this probably sounds stupid but I cant find ‘shimeji.exe’
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it's labeled shimeji and its an executable file. double click that and a little karkat will fall from the screen and start walking around. ^^
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When i go to open it, a japanese pop-up take me to a japanese web-page telling me to update java. Even when i do, i still get the pop-up.

Im using the Zip file, is there something im doing wrong?
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You have to click on the executable file, not the application.
Screebs's avatar
lol i figured it out a looong time ago
AskChihuawolf's avatar
I am having trouble too! It keeps saying "Java problem occurred"
JeffTheKillerMeme's avatar
Same here its frustrating :/
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