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Supergirl down and out by Falaba
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Hey all,

Time to get some more action into this group. I have some great commissions lined up with some artist which will be completed this week, but I thought it would be a great idea to get some group collaboration going, so here's the deal;

I'm going to give you guys the opportunity to write out a commission idea (full page drawing) of one of your favorite heroines that has already been featured in the group. So take some time to browse through the commissions we already have in here, pick your favorite heroine followed by the unconscious/sleepy scenario you'd like to see her in. I'm gonna leave this running for about ten days and will pick two ideas to have commissioned at my expense.

Please no nudity or sexual stuff.

Good luck guys, get creative!

-Heroine currently already featured on #UnconscousHeroines
-No sex stuff
-1 page scenario
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I LOVE this group & the artwork
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I have posted a couple of old comic book pages that each have a panel depicting the Scarlet Witch in stasis/suspended animation. Would they be ok to submit to the group?
BobKO Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2023
Anything KO is okay :)
ClarkSavage Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2023
Thank you.
ClarkSavage Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2023
Thank you for accepting me.
AI-MCFan Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2023  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think your members would like the following image, but when I tried to contribute, it said Featured was full, and I didn't see another appropriate folder?  Thanks

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She's Also Ready For You by ZephyrFan
BobKO Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2023
What's the link between this art and unconscious heroines? :) Try the hypno groups?
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17 by tori523
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There doesn't seem to be anyone home at this Group!!  No, I disagree! 
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