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December 17, 2003
If you thought it can't be done, Final Whack by ~unconed is proving the opposite. The yet best reason to upgrade to Winamp 5.
Featured by yathosho
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Final Whack

Important: Final Whack requires AVS 2.8 or newer, which comes with Winamp 5. To view, start the 'Advanced Visualisation Studio' plug-in, and right-click the display. Choose Final Whack.

Hopefully I will have caught you by surprise by releasing this pack. I said there wouldn't be a Whacko AVS VII, and in a way it's still true: this pack was created with a different mindset.
Whacko AVS was about making your eyes jump out of their sockets, Final Whack is about me doing what I want with AVS and creating really weird, wicked presets. Maybe the end result is somewhat similar to Whacko AVS, but I still think there's a difference.

Some presets will be quite slow, some will be extremely simple. You probably won't like most of them, but that's okay for me. If it makes you think 'This is not AVS anymore', then good: I don't like blending in homogenously :).
© 2003 - 2021 unconed
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volod64's avatar
My old nick was Chmutov just because I liked this unreal preset
kiljefrind's avatar
i got here because i totally dug Tokyo Bullet.. you've seen the light, brother. keep walking the zen mountain path.
narishma's avatar
Feel like re-upping this?
Grandchild's avatar
Yep, nothing more to say here. I tried to fav it twice but ended up having it removed from my fav's. So I faved it a third time, but that's ok also. Definitely the best AVS-pack EVER!

VJ Chmutov is my (most likely forever-lasting) favourite of that pack. But all others are gorgeous too.
dr-bipolar's avatar

Absolutely mindboggling

Love Seismogrid :D
Barricade's avatar
Now if only there was a way to get rid of the incredibly annoying preset changes. Sometimes I enjoy watching just one for a long time, but this doesn't allow it. Great visuals, bad available setups.
unconed's avatar
You need to read the AVS FAQ. Or just be more explorative with your programs: computers don't bite.


You can turn preset changing off easily.
Barricade's avatar
I mean when its installing Final Whack. It comes up with the 'Random Delay' part (set at 10sec initially). I've tried everything to completely shut that off, even clicking off the box under it, "Random". Still cycles through the different avs. Its just a minor thing really, but its like that little thorn stuck to your skin when picking up a great looking rose - annoying, but livable.
unconed's avatar
That means you checked "Settings" in the installer. If you're not able to turn it off, something's wrong with your winamp. You are the only one experiencing this problem;
Barricade's avatar
Bingo - something was up with my winamp. I downloaded it again and now everything's fine.
cheese-cube's avatar
You've recieved a:
"Sweet, Merciful Crap Award"

:pointr: :pointr: :pointr: :pointr: :trophy: :pointl: :pointl: :pointl: :pointl:

For your cool and inspiring pack
You win a... :+fav:

btw, your pack is so cool!!!
peepingdan's avatar
Oh, I take that back. Tokyo bullet took my breath away. While watching it, I am literally haivng breathing problems because of how AWESOME it is. Gravity! Who would have thought??
peepingdan's avatar
Seismogrid is jaw-dropping. The rest are A+ material as well.
If I touch your spit, will I get your talent?
shock-value's avatar
Awesome skills and aesthetics. But what's with Phoenix? Anyway, :+fav: !
DarK--MatteR's avatar
Amazing talent =)
Seismogrid kick ass ! =)
cyberbitch1000's avatar
luv the pack, sorry for asking before reading in your comments
"you may display these presets as a projection at parties, raves or clubs without credit reference on-screen"
I display the presets with creditreference next friday, I do a little bit in avs too, but more painting, Friday I have to fill around 8 hours. It's an absolute pleasure for me to stream your stuff there, kinda trippy event
my playlist isn't ready yet I use Winamp 5.02, have around 40 presets now (just 2 of them are mine) think I need a few more
thanks so much for final whack, the best I ever saw, I'm curious about friday, never saw it that big before
laboratorymonkey's avatar
Wow, very nice! I'll use these all the time!
I wish I could do AVS, but... I just draw. ^_^
Hboy's avatar
This pack is the best AVS pack ever. Surely. Only the Whacko series and El-Vis are close behind (as mentioned above, no "offense";).
degnic's avatar
omg, that's sweet. Seismogrid & silk strings were definetly my personal faves, but very solid pack throughout. I'm stunned
el-vis's avatar
Truly amazing things in here. The Intro is cool. While examining the setup it took me a while to realize that there is no Bitmap at all!

My favs are: Seismogrid, Daedalus, Goldie, Phoenix, Silk Strings, Trip and Drive and Tokyo Bullet.

I also loved most of the others. Only thing is that I whished a different coloring for some of them, i.e. Fiber Optics which needs a more "technical" coloring I think.

But overall a +fav for shure...
synth-c's avatar
One of the greatest pack ever, if not the best!
Insane techy stuff, great aesthethics, and goods fps.
My favorites are Goolicious, Fibre Optics, Come Fly With me, and Seismogrid
JjcL237's avatar
With this pack you continue to amaze me and many other AVSers out there with your creativity and everything else in your presets.

I really like the improvement of

Neon Coaster - How the hell did you manage to make all that moving neon advertisements!!! Very cool ....

Insane Architect - No longer restricted to straight lines . . .

Silky Rings , Daedalus were my favorites. I like how you captured the neonicity of everything.

Seismogrid was something I thought was something that never could be done. It was just sooooo smooth and droolicious!!!

Fibre Optics - It was really really shiny!!! =D

Elevation - Finally a preset that takes my mind off 'Going Down' by El-Vis.

Don't Trip And Drive - Kind of like resembles your preset with that Mars thing in Whacko6 . . . Now that you've brought it into 3D form . . . It's all good. Real good.

Around The World - Next time you update it. Add my country!!! I'm in Brunei!!! Heheh ;)

Overall . . . everything was EXTREMELY good. It came out somewhere near with 'PreLoaded' by El-Vis . . . but I have no problem choosing which I like!!! :+fav:
rambo20102002's avatar
i think this is one of your best packs ever however i would

like to complain about preset no 6 i had just installed winamp5

a few days ago and the picture 2 ape that came with this pack

messed up winamp 5 so what version of winamp 5 should i

have? i downloaded the full version of winamp 5
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