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TXD: Hot Weather

Yes I know that in other countries, it gets much hotter then it ever will in the UK right now. But when you live on a damp small island all your life, you don’t expect heat like this.

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Your dog has no tail =O
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My Life is a requiem composed in the key of fuck. I live in Louisiana... :faint:
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I can't stand cold weather. I can tolerate the heat, personally. XD Not that I'd choose either. :P

Nice work! What a cute dog! X3
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Never come to England then XD
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Hang in there! Don't melt!
Love the dog, by the way!
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Whenever there's posts like this, I always think "Well where I live it's almost always 100 F+ (40 C+) but at the same time, I know that I'd never survive in the UK because anything 70 F (25 C) or less is freezing to I'll keep my mouth shut. XD
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Its more the fact that we arent use to weather like that. We dont have air conditioning in homes, we just open windows which does nothing :P
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Well with the rates on electricity during the summer, I can't even turn mine on unless it's at night. The lowest I can go without breaking the bank during the day is about 84 F (29 C). And my car (I know public transit is big in UK, but in the West Coast, public transit only covers about 15% of where I need to go so we need cars here), well the air conditioning doesn't function at all (smoke comes out of it, it's a neat party trick), I pulled out of my parking spot today (no shade) and my car was 113 F (45 C). But do you have air conditioned stores? Like the most beautiful feeling I had today was walking into a nice 75 F (24 C) store  from the oven. I need that relief, it gets me through...about half of the year here. If that isn't a thing in the UK...I'm so sorry.

But at that same time, you can come to the Godforsaken desert (actually it's very modernized but whateves, still hotter than balls) in December and it'll be 60 F (15 C) and we'll be bundled up without real heaters and you'd be walking around in shorts laughing at us. XD

I know I'd never survive in UK because your highs are my lowest comfort limit. And rain? What the fuck is rain? Snow? What's a snow? Things from the sky that isn't dust? I couldn't cope. XD I'm just a big baby in general and am not belittling, but honestly living here the only thing I got going for me is that I function in the 110 F (44 C) whether quite well.
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Its always a good idea to take out shares in umbrellas when you live in the UK XD
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Yeah here...well let me put it this way. A few years ago, my AP Human Geo teacher asked if we had parkas to give and example of regional difference....The entire class had no idea what a parka was. XD
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I have no idea what a parka is XD
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Apparently it's a really heavy coat designed for snow.
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I did not know that XD
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Hate hot weather? You'd never be able to survive in Texas. =D
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Nup, sorry that I wont be visiting XD
T5-Comix-Cartoonz's avatar
That's okay. It's not really my climate either. I'm more of a tropics kind of guy. One of these days I might just move to the Caribbean or Brazil or maybe the Philippines. Some place that's not so dry. :)
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When it comes to hot weather, we become dogs.
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