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Thunder Tapir

This is a warrior Tapir.... with a back story.

So this will take some explaining. I drew this a year or so ago as part of a :icondesign-a-character: challenge to design a new Thundercats character. So i drew up the rough designs and the VERY NEXT episode was the episode in the prison ship and the elephants turned up. Damn it! I know they aren't the same thing, but they looked close enough. Well, i thought, they're only background guys, they wont really turn up. We for those that have been watching the new series know theres about 3 episodes where theres a whole bloody elephant village... and one of them has the whole spikey hair as well.

So i pretty much abandoned the drawing, up until this morning when i bought a brush pen which i've always wanted to try... and you know... i'm pretty happy with it :)

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I like how it turned out. I don't really know much about the series itself, but I like what you did with this guy. The expressions behind and development stuff make it feel like there's more to the character than being a tapir warrior.
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Thank you very much! Your right, there is supposed to be more to this character. He's a fun loving guy from a rather serious warrior clan, so even though he can be a fiercely loyal fighter, it conflicts with his peaceful nature... or something like that.
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Cool :)! I like how while you're drawing a character they seem to grow in your mind. I think that's why I like that you put the other sketches. It makes that noticeable.