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Blood Bending

Oh yeah! You where all thinking it...
This wont make any sense if you've not seen it :P

Edit: Didn't realize this would get such a positive response! Thank you so much guys and gals :)
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AAAA! That's so great!!! :D :D
YourSecretFucker's avatar
i don't get it help me out
UncleSi's avatar
Your own DA screen name is a subtle hint to the comic up top ;)
YourSecretFucker's avatar
no really be more especific please
Videogeek95's avatar
Using blood bending to give Aang an erection.

Which actually wouldn't work.
HisokaIshi's avatar
o.0 hahaha too funny! :)
xXZackataXx's avatar
HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! This is so awesome!!! lol Some people dont get it....
UncleSi's avatar
Thank you. Don't worry, they'll get it eventually :)
Commaki's avatar
The hell.... X'D
technojunkie123's avatar
Lol Korra's all like "Sifu? Water u doin?
Love this :D
SouthernWriter2's avatar
Wow. That's a really good joke. Just the kind of joke I'd expect from old Katara. And those faces are great.
UncleSi's avatar
Thanks! It's a bit rough and ready but it has it's charms
Thirrinaki's avatar
Oh my I laughed so much! I was thinking it already but just to see it written...:lmao:!!!!
UncleSi's avatar
I'm glad you approve :D
Freedom-Falling's avatar
AHHHH KATARA! You dirty dirty old lady! hahaha
UncleSi's avatar
Hahaha old ladies tend to be!
crazycheckers's avatar
lmfaoooooooooooooooooooo! damn it! i cant breath!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
UncleSi's avatar
haha thank you
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