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About Traditional Art / Hobbyist Travis "Uncle Guts" Friess34/Male/United States Group :iconthe-shapists: The-Shapists
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Greenman by UncleGuts Greenman :iconuncleguts:UncleGuts 14 2 Frosty spaceman by UncleGuts Frosty spaceman :iconuncleguts:UncleGuts 8 12 Selfie 3/23 by UncleGuts Selfie 3/23 :iconuncleguts:UncleGuts 9 4 Neon weirdos by UncleGuts Neon weirdos :iconuncleguts:UncleGuts 6 0 just a couple of freaks by UncleGuts just a couple of freaks :iconuncleguts:UncleGuts 11 14 New wig! by UncleGuts New wig! :iconuncleguts:UncleGuts 8 4
Lonely, with Company
You ever feel alone
Surrounded by friends and family?
You ever feel unloved
When you are well loved?
Why is it like that?
Is it because we are selfish?
Do we desire more than
The world around can give?
Is the emptiness there
To keep us moving?
Or maybe we keep it close,
Like a moth to a flame,
Holding tightly
To the emptiness?
I find myself lonely,
With company,
Am I even a real person anymore,
Or am I just a product of society?
I guess... I better get my barcode.
I wonder how much I cost?
I wonder if I'm expried?
Maybe I am a day old
Maybe I'm already bread.
:iconuncleguts:UncleGuts 17 4
All the Flavors of Ice Cream
When I wait inside the garden
I can see the tulips there
And I wonder if I should take them
To give to you my dear
But what if they turn into roaches
And leave a bad taste
As I walk into the madness
I wonder where you are
But through the fog I see you
Driving in your car
Maybe I'll hail a taxi
Or wait for the fog to clear
As I sink into the fodder
I hope you can pull me out
And hold me like there's no tomorrow
Forgive me of my doubts
And all the trees they held apples
There we had a picnic
Can we be without it?
Can we be without that too?
Can we wash away all the heartache?
Can we be just me and you?
Maybe we can get a refund
From god, or the devil below
Fly with me into the future
Where we'll fly in magic cars
And eat all the flavors of ice cream
And forget who we are
We will be so naked
But hell we'll be free
:iconuncleguts:UncleGuts 9 0
Thing i made by UncleGuts Thing i made :iconuncleguts:UncleGuts 13 9 the old man in the photo by UncleGuts the old man in the photo :iconuncleguts:UncleGuts 24 13 weeds by UncleGuts weeds :iconuncleguts:UncleGuts 24 3 Fire in the Clouds by UncleGuts Fire in the Clouds :iconuncleguts:UncleGuts 24 6 spirals by UncleGuts spirals :iconuncleguts:UncleGuts 23 4
Late Night Thoughts
One time the world seemed so bright
Like everything would turn out
Now it seems that future
Is unclear
So, I offer some musings from a mad man.
Try not to hate
I know it's cliche
But try to love
When you see another person
It's like looking in a mirror
They are reflected on to you
Even thought the differences
May be mighty
I promise you, there are more similarities.
When you are awake at night
With words filling your mind
Sometimes with worries
Other times with hope
Know that we all do that.
When you are so lost in anger
And that great sadness wears down on you
We all feel that too.
You may not feel it yet,
And in a perfect world you wouldn't
But someday darkness will find you.
You must push through
You must!
Do not give in to the hate!
Do not give in to the sadness!
Charge forth into the new day
Laugh at our follies!
Grin at your enemies!
Love everyone, especially the one's you hate
Because in the end we are all the same.
And we are lonely even when we are together.
Let's stop doing t
:iconuncleguts:UncleGuts 8 4
Boss Frankie by UncleGuts Boss Frankie :iconuncleguts:UncleGuts 7 0 Felt Leatherface Stick Puppet by UncleGuts Felt Leatherface Stick Puppet :iconuncleguts:UncleGuts 16 9




Selfie 3/23
Was pretty happy with this look for tonight. We saw the new horror film "Us" and we loved it! Hope you are all doing wonderfully well! Sometime I'll have some new art for you... Maybe. Anyways... Happy spring! 😁
Hey there, peoples! It's been ages but I'm still around. I mostly make video stuff anymore so I'm not in here as much. Although I think I might be getting that itch to draw again, so maybe I'll start that up again. Honestly it would probably be good for me, as my abstracts are a sort of positive meditation for me... And I think the whole world could use some positive anything. Anyway, I'll try to get some new art done soon. Have a wonderful time, wherever you are.. and always love, man. Always love.


UncleGuts's Profile Picture
Travis "Uncle Guts" Friess
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Well, hello there, and welcome to the magical nonsense world of Uncle Guts! Here I post my art, poems, pictures.. and really just whatever I want. My wife and I make a silly puppet show about horror movies. We also make music videos to songs I've written and we make some horror short films.

Here is a link to our channel-

Now a quick bit about me. I.. am a mongoose. Lol. Seriously though, I choose not to define myself much, so I can be ever changing, ever evolving. I don't think I'd ever like to be labeled, personally. I understand why labels matter, and why they matter to people.. but I don't really like labels for myself.

I'm a very friendly person, so feel free to chat with me! I hardly ever reply to thank yous.. not because I don't appreciate them, just because I don't have oodles of time to spend on it. So.. everyone who says Thank You... You are more than welcome! It is my pleasure to enjoy the artwork of my peers! :D

Anyways, I wish you all the best! Keep making beautiful artwork, and always believe in and love yourself. No one can love you more than you can. :)


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