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Adoptable-paypal-CLOSED by Luciferys
Lady Dimitrescu by kawacy
Daemogoth Titan by ChrisCold
The Painting by ShahabAlizadeh
Classic Demons
Pink voodoo demon by Lucy-Lisett
Demon by ChrisSetra
Rain by AnInnocentDemon
Icy Asura by awesome-ersauce
Demon Beasts
Pazuzu by MartinGrasso
Nyx Drake by JoelChaimHoltzman
Cerberus, Watchdog of Hell by MonztarArtwork
Demon Cat by IrenHorrors
Brennos Wu Gong - Commission work! by Carpet-Crawler
Orange Cthulhu by Zxoqwikl
Girl by IAMWAR013
Sith Witchling by Herckeim
Fallen and Dark Angels
Sketchbook 016 by coskoniotis
Sketchbook 018 by coskoniotis
Nothing can divide us by black-cat16

Mature Content

Inevitable fight by black-cat16
Incubi and Succubi
Succubus by simonz1987
Demon by MargoDarkPrincess
Heart Of Gold by MadamGoth
Imps and Gargoyles
Goregoyle: The Serpent by JamesBousema
Goregoyle: The Vulture by JamesBousema
Goregoyle: The Boar by JamesBousema
Satyr and Faun
Sentinel by TheTundraGhost
Artwork - Jolly Wraith by jamescorck
KRAMPUS by JamesBousema
Faun by nazolkin
Impression. Or not. by black-cat16
Monarchy of Hell by MonztarArtwork
Patreon reward by ShiroiShi
Brides of Dracula by editsulli
Yibiru by JoelChaimHoltzman
Mizore Ito (Misery-chan) - The Glare (Page 3) by SketchMeNot-Art
Mizore Ito (Misery-chan) - The Glare (Page 2) by SketchMeNot-Art
CM On East by HelenaInclusar
Spade (OC) by ElizabethInkheart
Shift Happens by Rufinator
Other Demons
Reaper Form by ashihmin
Costumes and Cosplay
Snow and Darkness by Mircalla-Tepez
Sketches and unfinished
Boy in the mist. by Maru-ttan

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succubus by leedokyung0 succubus :iconleedokyung0:leedokyung0 323 5 Mommy Dearest by pupukachoo Mommy Dearest :iconpupukachoo:pupukachoo 5,045 362 Cursed Dead by dekades8 Cursed Dead :icondekades8:dekades8 185 4 Unholy Presence by dekades8 Unholy Presence :icondekades8:dekades8 249 8 Awakening by dekades8 Awakening :icondekades8:dekades8 167 6 Demon by jdtmart Demon :iconjdtmart:jdtmart 375 19 Nyarlathotep by Satibalzane Nyarlathotep :iconsatibalzane:Satibalzane 325 9 Beetlejuice by JoK3R-BxBomber Beetlejuice :iconjok3r-bxbomber:JoK3R-BxBomber 1,276 111 The Vulture God - Unyctd by Tinadactyl The Vulture God - Unyctd :icontinadactyl:Tinadactyl 246 9 THE MAZE RUNNER - Griever in the Maze by KENBARTHELMEY THE MAZE RUNNER - Griever in the Maze :iconkenbarthelmey:KENBARTHELMEY 947 32 Outbreak - The Scorch Trials by KENBARTHELMEY Outbreak - The Scorch Trials :iconkenbarthelmey:KENBARTHELMEY 472 21 This is not my face anymore... by Thunddi This is not my face anymore... :iconthunddi:Thunddi 45 12 Yog-Sothoth by StephenSomers Yog-Sothoth :iconstephensomers:StephenSomers 401 11 Pinhead by Svart-bd Pinhead :iconsvart-bd:Svart-bd 27 4 Lady Death Blank by Dawn-McTeigue Lady Death Blank :icondawn-mcteigue:Dawn-McTeigue 288 9 Death by Serathus Death :iconserathus:Serathus 582 34

Group Info.

Greetings Demons!

Interested in demons and other unholy spirits? Find them fascinating or spend your time drawing them? Well then, you are welcome here!

Join us...

All you need to do is click the "Join our group" button near the top of our page. For the moment we hold no real membership rules, just that you draw or paint demons in their many forms, or that you have an interest in them. :)

Submitting Art

:bulletblack:First, please make sure you are submitting deviations into the correct category. If a piece is submitted into the wrong category it may be rejected.

:bulletblack: At the moment there is a limit of 4 pieces a day, but please try to select some of your best pieces and not try to submit the majority of your gallery.

:bulletblack: Of course, deviations should be demon/supernatural related and fit into one of the folders. If you feel there i a category I am missing, feel free to suggest it.)

:bulletblack: Please submit finished pieces. Finished pencil drawings and inks are fine, but sketches or WIPS are not necessarily what we want to see here. There is of course a Folder for them but we don't really like this one. ;)

:bulletblack: Quality. As a group which's large focus was always on quality, we will not accept halfassed submissions and things that look like kindergartener's homework. Sorry.

:bulletblack: Nudity is allowed as long as it remains tastefull. Keep it classy.

:bulletblack: All types of media are welcome! :)

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:DO's and DONT's :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

:bulletblack: We want creatures/humanoids who actually show demonic-supernatural features. We will decline human/animal image if it won't have something supernatural into it, even if he/she is a demon in your story. We want to see it to believe it, or please be sure the description/title states they are indeed demons, devils or other supernatural dark creatures;)

:bulletblack:Work submitted from your own gallery MUST BE your original artwork, a photograph of your artwork, or a photomanipulation that does not violate the above rule. For example, DON'T submit a collage of panels from comic book pages, scans of box art from games, collages of images from the movies or websites, other people's work, photos of action figures/collectibles, official photos/images with some "artistic" filter on them etc.

:bulletblack:Please don't send various versions of same image/3D model, choose one which you think is the best and worth showing. Same goes for photography, if you have a pictures of a person in a costume, choose ONE that you think shows it the best. That also includes series of pictures with repetitive motive or 3d model. Sending multiple pictures like that will be considered spaming, and may get rejected.

:bulletblack: Don't send submissions with political messaging such as slogans, pride flags, political hastags, etc. We are a group concentrated on ART! If you want to send a message or show your support for particular movements, that's fine, do it on your page or with dedicated groups.
We are not a place for it.

:bulletblack:We usually inform why picture was declined, if not feel free to ask or read our rules and folder descriptions, and you might find your answer.


*ELVES: Drows, Night Elves etc.
*GOBLINOIDS: orcs, goblins, hobgoblins etc.
*MERFOLK: mermaids, tritons, Krakens etc.
*HUMANS: psychopaths,hauntings, disfigurement, mages, warlocks, witches, mutants etc.
*MYTHICAL: taurs, chimeras, dragons and half dragons, faeries, golems
*SCI-FI: robots, mechs, cyborgs
*ALIENS: as it says also includes Dragonball characters
*FAN ART: Sonic, Twilight, Bowser/ish, MLP/MLP crossover(just NO)
*ANIMAL: anthros and regular animals
*PARAPHILIAS: inflation, muscle buff, over-sized sexual body parts, and other weird fetishes etc.[NOT everyone is into this stuff, so deal with it!],
*OTHER:Journal entries, blurred photos, scans etc., abstarctions, edited and plain screenshots from games, films etc.

Unless they show visible signs of being demonic or if description says so, other way we WON'T ACCEPT IT.

:bulletred:The category info is as follows, please keep them in mind when submitting:

Classic Demons: For the classically styled demon, which has horns, hooves, wings or all of the above. Also included unholy creatures which have elements to their appearance which visually differentiates them from humans.

Demon Beasts: Demons whose forms little resemble the more classical images. Their forms are either twisted, disfigured and terrifying or take on a more animal like appearance. This also includes demonic animals, anthropomorphic demons, and demons who appear so bizarre that they do not fit into any other of the categories.

Cthulian: Everything Cthulhu related and semi related, doesn't really have to come from the mythos but must be disturbing in lovecraftian way. Tentacles appreciated.

Fallen Angels: A section for demons who were once angels. Perhaps, but not exclusively still having angel-like wings or some vestige of their once holy self.
Or simply angels gone bad. ;)

Incubi & Succubi: These demons can vary in appearance, though usually seductive in nature and taking humans as their victims for sexual indulgence. due to their varied appearance, please be sure the description/title/tag states they are incubi or succubi

Imps & Gargoyles: Category for smaller, or lesser demons displaying the typical impish or gargoyle traits. This includes demonic familiars.

Satyr & Faun: Not necessarily demonic in nature, but the goat-legged, horned or even goat headed creatures who inspired the typical Christian depiction of the devil.

Vampires: Fanged, unholy, blood sucking undead! <3
No sparkling, please.

Youkai: This section is for Oni, Tengu, and other Asian inspired demons or wicked entities.

Fanart: All the famous demons and vampires in the media, from games, movies or otherwise.

Other Demons: This section is for demons that show little or no physical features,suggesting they are in fact demons.
Also for the demons who do not fit into any other category, and when there is more than one type of a demon on the picture..
Please be sure if you are submitting into this section, that the description states the character(s) involved are indeed demons or other such unholy entities.

Undead: Simple as it sounds, all creatures showing signs of decay and still walking such as zombies, wraiths, ghosts, liches etc.

Were-creatures: Animal shape-shifters, but they must be here in their monstrous form or half way from it. so werewolfs, werecats, werecrows and so on.

Sketches and unfinished: Place for doodles, scribbles, sketches and everything that isn't a finished piece, that includes also linearts meant to be coloured. Things on lined paper and badly scanned also go here.

Costumes and Cosplay: Place for all of the wonderful costumes and cosplay photos. Please remember not to send multiples but choose 1-2 of your most favourite and submit here. No photomanips, they go into the respected folders of what they are based on thanks.

Please Note, if you are submitting a demon which you are unsure where it goes, please put it in the 'others' category. If I feel that it is suited to another folder, I will move it.
Hello Unclean Spirits,

Due to a very specyfic and delicate nature of current events, I've added a new rule regarding submissions with political messaging.
It goes like this: Don't send submissions with political messaging such as slogans, pride flags, political hastags, symbols etc. We are a group concentrated on ART! If you want to send a message or show your support for particular movements, that's fine, do it on your page or with in dedicated groups.

It can be found on our front page alongside other submission rules.
If you have a problem with above rule, too bad. I simply do not want to bring political discussion over here, when there are other places, forums and groups dedicated to those matters.

Thank you.


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