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Experimental Pill #9
"Whoa," the obese young man trudges to a stop as the nervous girl creeps forward from the entrance on the other side of the hall. He watches her eyes dart back and forth before falling on him and stopping there.
A huge smile fills her face as she rushes over to him. "Oh Chadwick, I'm so happy to see you."
Chad, as most people call him, tries to look at her excited face, but his attention keeps getting drawn to her slim body. Reigning in his thoughts, he stutters out a response, "Uh, yeah, Teri. You too." The held back thoughts burst forth like a crack in a dam. He tries to stymie the flow and manages, "You look great."
She blushes a little. "Thank you. I managed to trim up over the vacation." Then looking around nervous again, she confides, "I'm afraid that people will start looking at me or treating me different." Her eyes return to his, "But we're still cool, right?"
Her pleading eyes bore into him. Why would I treat her any different? We've been gaming buds and hang out friends f
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What about Abbie? (a Venn-Cation story)
Ring, Ring! Abbie flips her braid and pauses the webcast of her favorite show. She doesn’t even need to look at the phone as she grabs it without looking. She knows who it is. She unlocks and answers it before it can ring again. “Yeah Bree. What’s up?” I knew I shouldn’t have bothered that worrywart.
The usual nervous voice speaks back, “Abbie? Are you still going through with tomorrow?”
Okay, here’s the trick. Confident enough not to scare her away but enough to convince her to go. Maybe if I pretend I don’t know why she’s calling. “Yeah?” I mean, Duh, I’m going.
“Okay, I’ll see you there.” With each word, the fear leaves her friend’s voice. Good. I did it right. She’ll be there.
The next day, Abbie gets ready, heads down there. Penny is her usual pleasant pushy self. She gets a little nervous when BreeAnn doesn’t arrive with Abbie,
:iconuncle-ben:Uncle-Ben 2 3
Un-Bree-Lievable Vacation (Venn-Cation story)
"Abbie, why did you send me this ad," the woman cradles her cell phone between her shoulder and her head as she stares at her monitor. She's about to click away from the fake ad promising to let her see movie stars at the hotel they stay at. And not only that but the price is cheap, too cheap. It's bogus. It's gotta be, she tells herself.
"Why not," asks Abbie's voice, "Doncha wanna see Jaaaason Siiiiilverstein?" The woman at the computer flinches at her friend's emphasis of her favorite musician. "Maybe hear him sing? He's featured all through the ad."
She dodges the question by attacking the ad and twirling her hair with her keyboard hand. Hearing her friend's comments she's tempted to click the ad just to see him again. "It's obviously fake. We can't even get a hotel room here for the price on the advertisement. There's got to be something wrong with it. I mean it's too good to be true."
"I think the lady doth protest too much," Abbie teases over the phone.
Still in de
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How to Get a Date (in 6 easy steps)
Step 1: Get an incurable disease (Prologue)
"AAAAAAHHHH," the woman in bed screams. She curls up in a semi-fetal position, clutching her hand and drawing it in to her stomach.
People in white lab coats pour in through the door to surround her, each with an inked date or two somewhere visible on their body. One has a date from a couple of years ago on their forehead. Another has a number a decade in the future on their cheek partially covered with makeup.
All have concerned looks on their faces. The eldest, a man, asks, "What is it?" The woman on the bed doesn't respond.
Another reaches forward, revealing part of her date as her sleeve slides up, "Where's the pain?"
Eyes still closed not looking at the crowd around her, she rolls onto her back as lifts the back of her hand to them like a wounded dog offering its paw.
A collective gasp echoes among the various visitors. Several looking to others for confirmation or comfort. One murmurs, "The date was for today."
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Trick or Treat
The female voice on the other end of the line cajoles, “Come on. Don’t tell me you’re going to one of those sorority Halloween parties.” The one with the phone to her ear just listens trying to decide what to answer. The female voice continues, “Seriously, Megan? You know what those parties are, right? All booze and drunken rowdiness. You don’t want that. That’s not you.”
Megan decides to say something here, “You’re right. That’s not me. I wasn’t planning to—”
The voice interrupts, “You aren’t planning to stay home, are you?”
That is precisely what Megan is planning on doing. Caught, she struggles on what to answer, “Uhhh …”
“You are,” the voice realizes, “aren’t you?”
Megan twirls her ponytail with her free finger, “Maybe?”
“I knew it,” declares the voice on the other end. Her voice changes just a bit, “You
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Destination: Desert (CWJ #5)
"Stop that ghastly flashing!" In the near black room, the only light source comes from a single stationary dot. The light, though, does not stop flashing. In fact, a burst of flickers long and short follow. All while the light floats down and to the side. A small circle of comforter and chin illuminate with each splash of light.
The voice from before sounds again, "Yes! Yes, I'm awake."
Another burst of flashes. The barely-lit blanket stir a little as whatever is under it moves a little. "I can still hear you with my eyes closed." Flickers. "I can see you though my lids." Another burst of flashes.
This time the flashing light drifts away from the body in bed. "Don't you dare, Lighty." As if testing the sleeping one, it flies an inch further. "I can hear you." Another inch. "Don't." Inch. "You." Two inches. "Dare." A second hesitation and then it goes another inch. This time when it flashes its message, a circle appears on the wall near it.
The figure in bed tries another t
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In a Line
[TFs: TG, Female to plant, Snake people]
A man follows the red and green striped runner on the floor to the woman standing nearby. "Am I in the right place," he asks her.
She turns toward him with her curly brown ponytail trailing behind her. "I dunno. I'm not entirely sure myself. Are you here for the test?"
He nods. "The one written on the handwritten sign stapled to the A-frame outside?"
She nods to that and they lapse into silence. Not wanting it to get awkward, he dives in, "That was one crazy door getting in, right?"
Her eyes go wide. "I know, right? It looked like an elevator door but with a human indention in it. I almost didn't realize that I was supposed to fit my body in it."
He's grooving with this and relaxes some. "Yeah, but what got me was the all the weapons pointed at that opening. I think I saw a laser gun and a robotic arm with a huge mallet. I'm not sure what the others were."
She agrees, "Yeah, I'm not sure either." Again, the conversation descends into silence.
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Visit to SuckleBerry Swamp (CWJ #4)
"Some say this treehouse is magical," the guide concludes.
The raccoon looks over at the alligator with suspicion, "Are you sure?" The alligator nods. "This isn't a trick to get me into that old rotted tree?" The alligator nods again but this time after a hesitation. The raccoon continues his assault, "'Cuz it looks rickety and about to fall over into the swamp at any minute."
Looking at the 'magical tree', it is just as the masked bandit described it. A big, hollow, rotting tree is tilted to one side over the water, weighted by the wooden sizable treehouse filling its limbs. Various vines entangle the trunk and branches and seem to be the only thing keeping it from capsizing. It's understandable that the raccoon is a bit nervous.
However, he did not ask a question, much to the alligator's relief, so he doesn't have to answer. The alligator tries another tactic instead. In his usual swarmy voice he says, "You asked for me and paid me to guide you to the various attractions
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Rubberta Origins Chapter 6
Chapter 6: The Detective
A half a block back and she’s lying on the table in the head gear that makes her nervous. Tracey adds her two cents, “This is perfectly safe, remember? You know the commands. This is a simple get in, get interviewed, get out. Easy peasy.”
Sleep comes, but the dreams are different. No childhood memories. Just the waking up in bed and the day at school up until dropping off Luz. That makes her smile as the darkness closes in. She turns everything on and checks her movements. All systems check.
She turns to Tracey who says, “You’d better go on foot. We wouldn’t want them to recognize your car.”
Rubberta nods and heads out the automatic doors. During this trip she decides to try to change up the speed instead of changing the length of her legs. She sprints and realizes that she’s not getting out of breath. She’s not even breathing. Oh, I’d better work on that.
Paying attention to the m
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Rubberta Origins Chapter 5
Chapter 5: The Aftermath
Randi is not happy when she wakes up in her bed. In the other room, her phone is going off. From the ringtone it is obvious that it is Tracey. If it is Tracey, then it is time to wake up. Like before only with more dexterity, she lifts her legs and uses them to propel herself into a seated position on the edge of her bed.
With resignation and some exhaustion and depression, she stands and trudges into the next room, the living room and dining room and kitchen combo. Her eyes go straight to her front door where she drops her stuff as she steps in, but no,  the spot is empty and the sound is coming from elsewhere. There, next to The Chair, she spots her phone on an end table. I have an end table? Oh right. That’s where I stack my used dishes until I take them to the sink on Sundays. A quick glance confirms the sink is more full than its usual overfull-ness. Her attention returns to her nagging phone. Beneath it on the floor sits her caver
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Rubberta Origins Chapter 4
Chapter 4: The Mission
Then something different comes near her in the darkness. “Hello? Is someone there?” It doesn’t answer. “Are you friend or foe?” Again, it says nothing. Instead it draws nearer not in a fast or scary way but rather in a slow inspection. “Since you aren’t trying to hurt me, I’ll take you as a friend.” Another silence but this one isn’t frightening since someone else is there. “I don’t suppose you know how to work thing do you?” Randi sighs as she doesn’t get an answer, “I didn’t think so.”
“Well, Tracey knows I’m here, so she’ll probably save me soon if I – we can’t figure this out. In the meantime, you mind if I just talk? It’s nice having you here. I think I’d have totally broken down if you hadn’t shown up. I kinda wish I could turn on the lights around here so I could see who I’m talking to. But since
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Untitled (CWJ #3)
Crrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaakkkkkk! The door opens with a groan. Soft footfalls patter across the wooden boards.
Upon reaching the half open entrance, the flurry blue monster stops. "Awwww, who made the door noisy again? I just oiled it." One might be frightened of the 8 foot tall, four armed and sixed legged beast that looks like it could crush a person, except that this one has a giant toothy grin that crosses its face.
Without any identifying traits of either gender someone could only guess that this thing is a guy from his deeper voice which is in the tenor or alto range. He pulls off his backpack from his back and holds it with one pair of arms while sorting through it with the other.
Pulling it out his prize he raises it with pride, "Ah Ha! I found it!"
It's an oil can with trigger action pump and adjustable nozzle for getting just the amount of oil you need in just the spot you want it.
He uses it quickly and deftly to re-oil the hinges. Then he places it back i
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Trust Machines - A Good Night's Sleep
"Uhhh! Even sleeping on the couch doesn't deafen your snore. If the only way to get away from it is divorce then so be it," the female exclaims.
Both their eyes go wide. Neither of them had ever used the 'd' word before. Her hand covers her mouth as silence fills the room.
He breaks the silence first, "We've got to do something about this." His tired eyes look to her for a solution. The perspiration from her head has smeared her mascara and washed away some of her makeup, revealing the dark bags under her eyes. Her hair, in a bun, has started to come loose with strands of dirty blond hair at odd angles undecided if they want to return or droop down with her bangs.
His face has cooled, but the flush has yet to finish leaving his face, "I'm sorry for snapping at you. I think I'm more irritable lately."
"I'm sorry, too. I shouldn't have attacked you for napping and not helping with dinner." A slight smile comes to her face as she adjusts her navy business blouse. "Lack of sleep can do tha
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Rubberta Origins Chapter 3
Chapter 3: The Invention
There’s got to be something. Tracey’s brows furrow in concentration. “I know I’ve seen something around here that does that …”
“Actually, you haven’t. I haven’t released the Brain Copier to you yet. It’s in the chip aisle. Look for a giant telephone handset.”
Tracey pumps a fist in the air. “Yes!” Then she leaves the former dairy freezer converted to a workshop.
Randi lingers trying to understand. “So, you are letting her do it?”
The inventor looks back up to the remaining distraction with a smirk. “Of course. The sooner I agree, the sooner you leave, and the sooner I can complete this.” Randi looks into his eyes to gauge the truth behind this statement. He seems to be telling the truth, but is there something else there? She can’t tell.
Tracey pokes her head through the heavy door. “C’mon Randi! What are you waiting fo
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Dark, Windy, Stormy Day (CWJ #2)
It was a dark, windy, and stormy day. The "breeze" is bending the old fence far beyond what the support should allow. Yet there was one brave soul who is out in this foul weather. He was on a mission, a mission of extreme importance. Using his body to shield the box behind his back, he forges on as his wet hair flaps in the moving air.
The wind slows for a moment, the young man sprints to the cover of a nearby tree. He whips his package to the front of himself and nearer the trunk of the tree to protect it from the rain. Gulping down the still air, he catches his breath. The breeze picks up again and he waits for this blast to pass.
Once it slows again, he darts onto the slippery sidewalk. The gutters have swollen from trickles to raging rivers desperate to reach the drain. He pays it no mind. He has one destination in mind, and it causes him to pick up speed. Only to have the wind pick up and fight him. Moving the box back, he returns it to its protection.
"One block to go. I hope no
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Rubberta Origins Chapter 2
Chapter 2: The Inventors
Randi pulls to a stop in a parking space of a deserted lot of an abandoned grocery store. The cement pillars out front supporting the overhang are cracked with small pieces missing. Faded letters of the former store’s name highlight the final three there. The “LA” and “B” are separate, but with the care given them, it is clear that this is a lab.
She crosschecks the address on the paper with what is left on the building. “I guess this is where Tracey works. She turns the ignition key off and pockets them. The old vehicle idles for a few seconds longer before stalling into silence.
CreeeEEEEEEEeeeak! The metal joints on the door protest as she steps out of the car. Upon taking her first step, her foot slides forward on the tar coated gravel of eroded blacktop. As she approaches the entrance she steps over line after line of faded white paint and tall weeds growing in the cracks. Cement cylinder pillars
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TG Anime of You - Finale
Anime of You – Finale
Chaos and klaxons echoed through every room. I ran back to central command. The Colonel was there with his sleeved image. His eyes were shut. He said, “Thank you….” He looked to the doctor, who was standing near CT. They both looked nervous.
The Colonel told me that his office had a hidden vault and how to get in. “If you and the doctor stay there, that might buy you some time. The door is heavily reinforced. Remember. You must wait thirty minutes before you can use the images. Here…”
He handed me the timer.
I asked him, “What about you?”
He shook his head and noted, “You won’t see this version of me ever again. Hopefully…farewell.”
Red dots spawned all over the sensors. The Colonel left through a side door with his sleeved paper.
The doctor stayed a moment to help CT with outer defensive cannons but we were losing them fast. CT smiled at Dr. Fujiwara but shooed him away and said, “You tw
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TG Anime of You - Part 10
Anime of You – Part 10
A metal support beam fell on Dr. Fujiwara. It caught me in the shoulder but I deflected it with the hard part of my bodysuit.
Pain shot through me. I crawled over to check on Dr. Fujiwara. He was unconscious but alive. I cursed under my breath. He muttered something but I didn’t listen. I had to get him out of here before the whole area collapsed.
I activated the adrenaline pads on the side. My heart raced. I lifted the doctor up on my good shoulder. The ground quaked all around. I knew that tons of earth would soon fill the room with those monsters to follow.
I looked down. On the ground I saw those four, black-sleeved papers that the doctor always carried around. They were from Colonel A.L. The doctor always said they were important. I grunted and slipped them into the satchel wrapped around the doctor.
I’d have to ask for an explanation some day. For now, I had to save the doctor’s ass.
The domed lockdown doors were shutting. I ran w
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Process of a piece by Chess-Man Process of a piece :iconchess-man:Chess-Man 11 9
TG Anime of You - Part 9
Anime of You – Part 9
Dark sounds surrounded me in the blackness. Gnashing and beating. Wet and thick. My imagination shuddered. There was roughness all around.
Finally, I was thrown into a wall and something shut behind me. My teeth vibrated a bit and my nose felt crushed. I coughed in the bag and fumbled for it.
My hands hadn’t been tied. I had to figure that was next. But the soldiers…or whatever they were…roared amongst themselves and thundered away.
When a moist, dripping silence returned I fumbled for the bag around my head. After a good bit of tugging, I was able to split the seam. That only got me so far before I worked at the knot. It was complex but I didn’t really have anything else to do.
Even with the split seam, there was only enough light to know there were stone walls all around with only the dimmest of torch-light filtering in from somewhere far away. A rancid smell filtered through the torn seam.
My Yuji side was plotting my escape. My
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Julie by tgwonder
Mature content
Julie :icontgwonder:tgwonder 33 8
Getting into the Role 11 by cluedog
Mature content
Getting into the Role 11 :iconcluedog:cluedog 823 75
TG Anime of You - Part 8
Anime of You – Part 8
I looked at the sleeved paper and I felt less confident than her…him. But I didn’t want to diminish the light in his eyes. I asked him, “Do you still want to head back to town?”
Mayu sighed with the paper in his hands. “I’d like to put things right. Or at least know we can. I wouldn’t be able to enjoy any of this without knowing that. Even the catboys. And…this fantasy hasn’t really turned out so fun.” He slipped his shirt back on.
The walk to town took a while. And it was harder to navigate the dense branches in my adult body. Town itself was much the same as I remembered it.
Some people stopped to greet me. Everyone seemed so nice. There was one lingering look from an old man which creeped me out but the smiles of the townspeople more than made up for it.
Our home was much nicer than the one in Yuji’s memories. It was three stories with very nice glass work on the front. Mayu slid open the door a
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United States
Hey everyone! News, news.

First up, this month's story. Where is it?'s in progress.
This month's story is not what it once was. It was supposed to be a quick vignette but has turned into a multi-part slice of life monster. And I haven't hit a good breaking point yet. Also, I am in mourning. My last grandpa, the one I liked best, died last night. That combined with having to kill a character in a bad situation has got me in a low spot. I've been trying to gather enough energy to get further in the current story. It's getting better, slowly. Hopefully it'll be out before the end of the month.

But enough yuckiness, I already know what my September story is and I'll try to start it today or tomorrow and try to tag team the two stories. The working title of September's story is Experimental Pill #147.

Also, good news. One of my old stories, a sequel to a posted story, has started to come to the surface and ask to be worked on, I'll be trying to get notes and stuff ready for that one, so I can dive in a getter done, when it's ready.
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