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Shape Challenge I

This is my first Shape Challenge for :icondesign-a-character:

This was done for the September Shape Challenge, so it's not the most current challenge available. Hopefully they will accept it, but I'm not sure since I'm a little bit confused due to the conflicting nature of rules 5 and 7.

This was a lot of fun to do, my favorite one is the the goat-thing on the far right :dummy:. Which ones do you guys like?

Critiques and comments are always welcome!


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This is so cool. I don't think I've ever heard of a shape challenge before. Interesting idea.
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Thanks, I appreciate the fave.
The shape challenge is a great way to loosen up those drawing muscles and get those creative juices flowing. I highly recommend it :D.
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I think I'm going to have to try this exercise after I finish the current 50 hands and 50 feet challenge I'm doing. This looks like it would be fun.
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hi that is really good, I really like the last character on the right, you can see his ego ! i was just wondering what digital tools you use for this like corel draw, phtoshop gimp, or a drawing tablet?
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Thanks :D.
For this particular image I used Photoshop CS5 with a Bamboo Pen & Touch tablet (Model: CTH-670)
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These look fantastic. Great character design and rendering. Love the first guy!!!
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Thank-you, glad you like 'em. :D
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I think I spy a fry! ;) Awesome characters, love the style :)
Uncle-Bang's avatar
Thanks, glad you like it. :D
I honestly wasn't trying to make a Fry, it just sorta happened ;p. So I just rolled with it :la:.
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Haha well he's awesome so I'm glad you did :D
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Hah these always look fun to do, I gotta say I think the granny lady in the middle is my favorite design. The shapes on her are really strong. I think the orange fox-ish character is probably the weakest, just since it's more generic, but still an interesting interpretation! The drooly guy's hair gave me a good laugh.
Uncle-Bang's avatar
Really? She was probably my least favorite of the bunch. I agree with you about the fox-thing, he's kinda meh. Though I'm surprised you thought he was the weakest, I figured the Fry look-a-like was the weakest. Glad I was able to give you a laugh with that first dude, I chuckled a few times while drawing him :D.

You should totally give these shape challenges a try! I'd love to see what zany designs you would come up with :la:.
Robo-Shark's avatar
Hahah seriously? I like her design a lot! But I admit I have a thing for older characters, I don't see them that often and find them challenging to design. Hahah the Fry look alike had a neat headshape, I agree it's not one of the strongest but he has some personality going on too, they all are pretty cool!

Thanks, maybe once I clear my queue I'll give it a shot! Always wanted to try!
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Awesome, I look forward to it. :)
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Ha, I like Fry there
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Thanks. :D
The original sketch looked too Fry-like to resist coloring him as such ;p.
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I think rule seven has to do with submitting stuff that's in your portfolio that pre-existed the challenge.

Welcome to the group! I'm (trying to) work on a submission for the holiday character re-imagining challenge.
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I think that is what they mean too, but it can't hurt to ask for clarification. I don't want to become a headache to the group I just joined due to a misunderstanding (Well, this would be the only headache if I'm in the wrong, because I already submitted this to the group ;p).

I'm going to try that re-imagine a holiday figure challenge too, not sure who I'm going to try to do yet...
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