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Greetings From the Krampus

This is my entry for the :icondesign-a-character:'s Re-Imagine a Holiday Character challenge.

I decided to go with the Krampus. With my re-imagining I wanted to make him more of a Santa Impostor rather than just a devil beast like he is usually portrayed as. Santa is usually drawn fat and short so I wanted to make my Krampus the exact opposite: tall and lanky. I tried to make his Santa outfit look a little "off" by using more of a purplish hue and making the trim a yellowish and unclean white. I kept his beast appearance somewhat, but made him more satyr than devil. I also kept the chains he usually carries with him, but I wanted to make it seem like he is trying to hide them up his sleeves so he can better fool his prey.

The story described in this image is a lot darker than I expected, but in order to have his pose make sense I needed some props.

Critiques and comments are always welcome.


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Hey look!
It's Fill's lanky, sex offend cousin.
ntaylor24's avatar
He sort of reminds me of the Grinch, only if he went so far beyond his levels!
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CrispyKarasz's avatar
Never trust goat in Santa's clothing. 
GuessWhoLovesAdopts's avatar
He knows when you are sleeping he knows  when you're awake he knows if you've been bad then good so be good for goodness sake
PebbleStep's avatar
delcattylover469's avatar
Kid's gonna get a surprise!
Budzillakingofbeer's avatar
Singing You're a mean  one, Mr. Krampus,...
Pokeninjagirl's avatar
One question though, has he been a good boy?
Deidy-chan's avatar
What's in that present... O.o
Zaneyboy20's avatar
a human stomach maybe?
Deidy-chan's avatar
Well~ Everything I can say is..."Bone-apetite kid." *I read too many puns X3*
tungstenartist's avatar
This is utterly terrifying but so funny at the same time. I love the way you did the expressions of this and all the little detail you do. Even the background has such care put into it. Keep it up unk ^^
Uncle-Bang's avatar
Thanks very much, Tungsten. I appreciate the fave :D.
NixKat's avatar
Cool, but that must be the stupidest child in the world.
Uncle-Bang's avatar
Yeah, he probably ate a little too much paste :B. Thanks for the fave by the way :D.
perushinkov's avatar
A really enjoyable piece! I agree completely with Linnabear's movie statement... It definitely has the style it takes!
First I really enjoy the composition... It seems to swirl and so leads the eye in a pleasant way.
Second the flowy and blurry background lets you focus better on what is actually happening in the picture.
Then there's the Krampus of course! That tempter's pose to deceive the child into taking the present... Everything about him talks about his personality. The pierced hat! One can say it doesn't belong to him...
Finally, there's also conflict in the picture... How does the child fail to see the true nature of the beast?? The bloody bag... The oozing present? THere's obviously magic involved!
Great piece!
Uncle-Bang's avatar
Thank-you, man. I'm glad you like so much. I put a lot of thought into this one and I'm happy that you picked up on some of the subtleties. As always, I appreciate the fave :D.
melimelon67's avatar
Love the design of Krampus!
Uncle-Bang's avatar
Thanks glad you dig it. I appreciate the fave. :D
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Very nicely done.
Uncle-Bang's avatar
I appreciate the fave :D.
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