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Part 3 - Advanced Cooling Systems

The Elfsong Tavern was a fairly popular tavern towards the edge of town. It was well known among more artsy folks, frequently featuring poetry, comedy, minor “black box” style theater, and other forms of alternative entertainment. It was a frequent stop for Bards looking for a place to perform, and was quite popular among Elves and Humans alike. It stood out among the tavern selection in Baldur’s Gate as one of the few choices that wasn’t simply a working class watering hole, but didn’t specifically cater to rich clientele. Suffice to say Tav was curious why here of all places she had heard Karlach had been hanging around.

Last she had heard Karlach had headed back to the hells to find an engine smith there who could fix her up properly before returning to the surface. Tav hadn’t even heard she was back, and the thought brought a little pang of insecurities to Tav. Why hadn’t Karlach looked her up and tried to reunite? How did Wyll know where she was but not Tav? And why the Elfsong of all places? Tav was unsure.

As Tav got closer she pulled down her skirt a bit more. The clientele at Elfsong could be a little judgy and presumptuous occasionally, and her skirt kept riding up for some reason. Come to think of it, the clasp had taken her a little longer this morning. Tav thought nothing of it though. She turned the corner and finally the Elfsong came into view.

The tavern itself was beautifully built, and already Tav could hear the normal commotion of folks inside. She suspected that there was some kind of entertainment playing tonight. Pity, that meant it would be all the more busy and make it even harder to find Karlach among all the patrons. Nevertheless Tav pushed through her feelings into the tavern.

The heat from inside the building was immense. It wasn’t particularly cold outside, but with how busy the tavern was the heat had built up to near intolerable levels. Tav quickly scanned the patrons but didn’t see Karlach. She was incredibly tall, muscular, red, and horned so she should be easy to spot in theory. But she could be sitting down eating a meal or watching the entertainment. Tav went up to the bar to get a drink, figuring the drink would settle her nerves and make her look less out of place. The bartender was an elven man with an easy smile, golden skin, and a large beer belly, probably from all his years here tending bar.

“What’ll you have?” He shouted over the ambient noise.

“Huh, oh, can I have two stouts?” Tav shouted back, reaching for her coin purse.

“Sure. Anything else? Any food?” The elf asked, almost expectantly.

“Oh, no thanks, I’m okay.” Tav said quickly. She was still nervous about this whole meetup and she had been eating a lot recently. Tav didn’t need another greasy, fatty meal to worry about. She then thought about her skirt earlier and her insecurities grew. She didn’t want to end up fat like Wyll. Or Shadowheart. Or Florrick. Or any of the people that worked for them.

“Are you sure? Our new chef has everyone pretty much only coming here for the food. And, no offense, but you look like you could use some meat on your bones.”

“Okay, fine, sure, bring me a special then too. And some bread.” Tav huffed. That was weird. And what did he mean by meat on her bones? Tav expected with the way she’d been eating recently she would have been on the larger side of the patrons here. Not that she was fat, but that this place was known for an incredibly discerning crowd of judgy, lithe elves. Tav then scanned the crowd, this time actually looking at the individuals rather than just looking for her massive friend. It was then that she realized she was actually one of the thinnest people inside the tavern. Every patron she saw was somewhere between chubby and fat. Elves that normally prided themselves on modesty were dressed in ridiculously tight dresses and shirts, with several missing buttons or with guts hanging out under shirts and over pants. Other groups that normally would preach moderation sat around booths with their bare guts hanging out rubbing them, the discarded remains of their meals stacked high on the table between them. Even the bard that was strumming up on the stage was fat. Wait a minute, Tav looked closer at the bard. She was a blue tiefling strumming a lute that rested on her fat gut. “Wait, is that Alfira?” Tav said out loud to nobody in particular. Blue tieflings were rather rare, ones that also played the lute that well exceedingly more so.

Tav was about to go investigate further when her meal arrived. The special it appeared was some kind of stew with a rich brown sauce and chunks of carrot and an unidentified meat. Her bread also arrived, and upon picking it up Tav realized it was warm and fresh, and must have just come out of the oven. She began to dig in, and while originally she was just ordering to placate the bartender the food was phenomenal and Tav realized she was actually starving. She devoured the stew, each little chunk quickly finding a home in Tav’s maw. She even picked up the bowl to drink the thick broth and spilled some down the front of her dress but she didn’t care, she was just ravenous. She then picked up the bread and tried wiping gravy off of herself before devouring the whole loaf. She sat back and patted her little belly, taut and full that it was. Didn’t she come here for a purpose? Tav then sat upright with a jump, she was here to meet Karlach. She drained one of the two ales then waved the bartender over for another.

“Hey, by the way, do you happen to know a Karlach? I know it’s a busy place but I heard she hangs out here.” Tav inquired as nonchalantly as possible.

“Of course I know Karlach. She works here.” The bartender said in retort, almost shocked anyone would ask. “In fact, I would venture to say Karlach is the reason 90% of the people here are even here. It certainly isn’t that pudgy bard trying to OVEREAT HER MEAL ALLOTMENTS.” He said the last bit louder, tilting his head around Tav to project his voice to the far end of the room.

“Oh, well I need to speak with her, it’s rather important. When can I?”

“I’ll just go ask her, she’ll probably meet you behind the tavern, it’s where most of the kitchen staff take their breaks.” The bartender said, then turned to walk through the swinging kitchen doors.

Tav got up, suddenly feeling the entire weight of the massive bowl of stew, then walked out the front to walk around the building. Or rather, waddled was more accurate, as the stew weighed heavily in her belly. As she walked, Tav started to consider more why she had so much trouble with her skirt. Tav also pondered the clientele, and why all of them were so fat. Come to think of it, so were all the workers in the temple and the government offices. There was something she wasn’t seeing. Something nobody was really seeing. While this was originally about seeing who was single and who wasn’t, Tav was starting to grow suspicious. Tav stopped herself though. She didn’t have any concrete proof, and really just had a few anecdotal stories. Shadowheart and Wyll both had perfectly reasonable explanations for how and why they got fat. As for the people that work for them, they probably had the same reason. And these tavern goers were clearly regulars, and if that stew was anything to go by, if Tav ate here every single night she too would be as fat as them.

After a few more minutes of waiting, the back doors from the kitchen finally burst open to reveal Karlach. All of Karlach. As former companion number three, Tav was now almost expecting her former compatriots to have plumped up at least a little bit. But Karlach had clearly taken that to an extreme. She was absolutely massive. At 6’8”, she was already much taller than most other people Tav knew. But she had always been composed of tight, compact muscles. Now she was over six and a half feet of pure blubber and lard. Her belly was absolutely massive, hanging off of her in two large, pillowy rolls. It hung low enough that each step caused her legs to knock into the bottom of it. It was covered up by a chef’s smock, though parts of her red belly flesh hung below, and despite the two layers of buttons the smock was also straining and was clearly too tight for her fattened belly. While her gut was the focal point of Karlach’s corpulent form, it wasn’t the only part of her that had fattened. Her thighs had gotten so wide they looked like tree trunks, and they shook and jiggled with every labored step of hers. Thankfully her pants looked comfortable on her, and they didn’t restrict her movement at all. And while Karlach had in the past been part of the itty bitty titty committee, she clearly wasn’t a board member any more as her tits were huge, also straining her chef’s smock and puckering it slightly beneath them. Even her face had gotten much fatter, causing a thick, fatty ring underneath her chin creating a second layer, even when she looked straight forward with a neutral expression. Of course, she didn’t the second she saw Tav she rushed forward and picked Tav up in an all encompassing hug. Tav was squeezed into the midst of Karlach’s doughy flesh and belly, and then spun around before Karlach set Tav back on the ground. Karlach then doubled over, this clearly being a lot of exertion for someone of her size.

“Oh Tav it’s good to see you. Gods how have you been?”

“Oh wow, Karlach, so good to see you! You look so . . “

“Fat. It’s alright, it was an intentional choice.” Tav blinked in surprise. “Wait, you chose to get fat? Because if you don’t mind me saying, you’re not just fat, you’re like fat fat. Like you’re massive!”

“Thanks!” Karlach said with a hair toss, causing her belly to bounce and undulate in kind. “Yeah, it’s actually a super interesting story. So last I saw you I headed back to the hells after contemplating just ending it all right there. Obviously, the hells were not great, and the second I was there I started to figure out how to get out. Of course, there was the little issue of my engine. However, benefit to the hells, there’s actually good infernal mechanics down there. Genuine masters of the craft and all that. I like Dammon and all, but he’s more of a smith than a true infernal mechanic. Course he could make a hell of an ax, with just the right swing to it.”

“Karlach, focus.”

“Right so, infernal mechanics down there had a really novel idea. Basically the issue with all the heat was that it was starting to cook and burn up my body, and my body had nothing left to ‘feed the furnace’ so to speak. But he suggested that in essence I needed to increase my caloric intake, and that in fact creating a significant surplus would keep my body from overheating and burning anything important. And so it took a little bit of maneuvering, but I managed to get a gig as a bodyguard for a Devil of gluttony, and after a few weeks of supping at her table I began to look closer to this. I also picked up some cheffing skills, hence my current gig. People seem to love the food too, can’t stop eating it. Neither can I truth be told.”

“I don’t know what to say. I am happy you found a solution, I am mad it took me tracking you down to figure out you’re back, and I am so relieved to know you’re safe.” Tav said, then dove in for another hug. The hug was warm, Karlach’s superheated belly acting like a blanket left just close enough to the fire.

“Sorry I didn’t track you down, soldier. I was nervous about what you’d think of the new figure, and then I got really busy at the bar, then the food got crazy popular, and it got even more busy. And I got fatter from that too; all in all I was just in a weird space. Thanks for doing the leg work though.” Karlach said, then broke their embrace. “I have to know though, what do you think of the figure?”

“Oh I think you look great girl! I actually think it weirdly suits you, and I really like that you finally got some titties of your own. They’re huge now!”

“I know, finally! I was always so jealous of you and Shadowheart, but I am finally the bustiest!”

“Actually . . . “

“No! How?”

Tav cleared her throat. “Actually, funny story, she’s fat now too. Not nearly as fat as you, mind, but fat now. Somewhere well after chubby, but not obese. But girl got cannons now. I mean jesus. She even had custom made armor with significantly enhanced breast plates, and her boobs were still pushing out over the top of them.”

“Gods damn it. Well at least mine are still bigger than yours.” Karlach said a little deflated, but still puffing up a little. “You gotta stay skinny then. So I can maintain my lead.”

“Well it seems like each and every person I’ve seen has gotten fat. And they all keep offering me food as well. I ate a plate of the special. And a loaf of bread. Plus two beers. I was gonna bring you one but I got nervous, so I drank it. Special was super good though. And the bread was fantastic.”

“Well glad you liked the special. We order the bread in, we don’t make that in house so I can’t take credit.” Karlach said, kind of trailing off. “So, it’s super nice to see you, we should definitely hang out again when I’m not working. Thanks for stopping by.”

“Wait, uhm, Karlach.” Tav said, her voice catching in her throat. “I actually came by to ask you. I got an invite to Aylin and Isobel’s wedding, and I didn’t want to go stag. And so I was wondering whether you wanted to go with me or not.”

“Oh, Tav. That’s sweet but I actually am working. The elfsong is doing the catering, so I can’t be your date. I would have loved to, and maybe a different time we can get together and figure something out. But, thanks soldier, I appreciate the offer. Maybe one of the other former party members will be your date.”

“Thanks Karlach. I appreciate it, I really do. Well, I guess I will see you at the wedding then. Have a good rest of your shift.”

“Thanks Tav, and I was serious about that. Sometime in the next few months, set something up and we’ll hang out.” Karlach said as she turned and waddled back into the kitchen. Tav could still feel the extra warmth from the hug. She then started walking to the front of the tavern. She needed a drink.

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ah there she is, my favourite bg3 girl (well, joint favourite with minthara). interesting how it seems there might be something more going on with everyone's climbing weight, looking forward to seeing where the story continues.

also its nice to see that little cameo from Alfira