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Untitled Alive At Dawn Sheet 2



Made a mistake and didn't realize the last part was cut off at the end.

We made this a long time ago for a project called "Alive At Dawn". The intro/ending parts of this song were made by Pat Faraci with help by me, and the 3/4 time parts were are made by me. I know it says piano and strings, but this is actually played on guitar. I'm just using Mixcraft which makes the sheet music for me (otherwise this would take much longer from me). I wanted to have a copyright of this work so we can actually show it off in some form. I'll probably be putting the "piano" version of this on my myspace, and I might record a demo of it and put it on the Dead Night Sky MySpace and ReverbNation page. It has no official title yet, just "Alive at Dawn" since this was originally made for that long abandoned project.
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