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I had a new idea for something for my gaming channel and I thought it might be better if I had a quick light jingle at the beginning of this video. Realizing that I have never made introduction or background music to potentially use for YouTube in case there's videos I can monetize on and since I didn't want to scrounge around for royalty free music I can use for commercial use, I just quickly made this. The sheet music is pretty much straight from Mixcraft after scoring it. Yes, it's very plain and I probably didn't need to copyright it but I always do this just in case and if YouTube decides to ask me for proof.

UPDATE! (November 2013)
Due to inconsistent support from YouTube, here is the clear copyright information with proof of commercial use.

Artist: Attilio Sansotta
Song: Introduction
Music Composer/Lyricist/Publisher: Attilio Sansotta
Music Label: N/A
Rights owner’s name and contact information: Attilio Sansotta ( 

Sheet music was uploaded and marked as copyright work in April 2013. I own this music and use it in a number of videos I produce on YouTube and approve of the use of this music for commercial use in those videos for the following channels:

If for any reason I have agreed to allow this music to be used in another YouTube creator's videos for commercial use, they should have received an email from stating explicit approval by me which they can use as proof of commercial use.
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