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WIP of Xenomorph head study. Just fuddling around trying a few things here and there. Will likely migrate the lessons I learned here to another more interesting piece.
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Nothing is more interesting than a xenomorph...
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Hilarious! I love it. 
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that is very well put together i love it!
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Waouh it's fantastic!
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This is super cool! It dosen't look like a WIP to me!:D (Big Grin) 
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Omg, I was drawing a xenomorph and searched it on the Internet to see its design and I thought this was NOT even a drawing! Best xenomorph drawing ever!
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Oh and if it ends up on my page don't judge too harshly it was on paper and my first close up on a xenomorph.
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Awesome! It looks like it should be in the movie!
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This looks real lol
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I'm sure this is a photo. It looks too real. How did you get that without getting eaten???
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I have always loved the design of the alien.  I've seen countless renderings and very few seem to capture it properly; sometimes awkward or over-designed.  You nailed it.  This is perfect.  One of the best I've ever seen.
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LOVE that you incorporated the original 'skull' design under the dome of it's head like in the first movie. This is lovely......just wish it was bigger and I'd put it on my bedroom wall. :)
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That is beautiful!
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This thing is crazy... I love it!
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This looks like a photo!!! How!!?????
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This thing looks positively savage! Fabulous
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Well done! It reninds me of the game: ALIEN ISOLATION.
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You call that not interesting!!! This is a beautifully grotis piece of art!!! I think it's amazing!
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very amazing details!
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This is gorgeous. Amazing work.
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