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Warhammer 40K

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A recent commish of Warhammer 40K. My first foray into the Games Workshop universe not likely my last
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G-hammProfessional Digital Artist
sick SICK sick work!
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shadowphoenixptHobbyist Writer
Unbelievably cool.
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It's very nice, but what am I seeing here? Are these two, rival Inquisitorial forces fighting one another?
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uncannyknackProfessional Filmographer
Yes indeed you are! The client requested, I complied. 
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Awesome work!
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Excelent work!
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Absolutely Sunning!!
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VI5ix6Hobbyist General Artist
By the dark gods that is good im stunned
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Sisters of Battle and Imperial scum ? Heresy!
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broly1781Hobbyist Artist
savage and dramatic! love this* amazing art!
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Stunning art work.
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Very cool combat scene. 
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Very cool style and image!
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EBENEWOOD General Artist
WOOOOOW! Great art dynamic and powerful! :sun::clap:
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So badass!
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MitruComixProfessional Digital Artist
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Great image, mate. Inquisitor vs Inquisitor or Inquisitor vs Heretic? Oh, wait... What's the difference? ;D
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SoulStormHNSHobbyist Digital Artist
That guy iin red jacket looks pretty similar to Gabriel which is Dracul in Castlevania: LOS 2
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uncannyknackProfessional Filmographer
...and about another half dozen characters with longish brown hair and a long trenchcoat. Andrea was a dream client: exhaustive reference of 40K, understanding about timelines, easy going about stage direction, removed all doubt about costuming and character tone from Prince of Persia to her own detailed sketches of Darius and Zayel. 
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So a year later and all, but I just happened to stumble upon this comment. Thank you! I'm glad it was a nice experience for you. :)
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Taqresu650Student Traditional Artist
I want to try out Warhammer 40K, but I'm not sure what army I should go for. My brother has a Tyranid army in figure form.
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Well, if you want to try a smaller army with less minis you could probably pull off Tau, (Lots of shoot, shoot, shoot. Also one of my favorites) Necrons, (Evil robots fueled by the corrupt souls of a fallen race. Also really hard to kill) or Marines (Pretty typical and a lot of people play them.)

I'd recommend, at first, staying away from horde armies like SOME 'Nids, most Guard, and almost all Orks. If you're ready to commit and one of those sounds like fun, though, go for it. I had a LOT of fun with Genestealers (Tyranid troops-o'-doom; The things nightmares are made of) and also with my Stealth Suits. (Tau Elite units)

The game is awesome, but you may want to do quite a bit of research before jumping in with an army.
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