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The Flash

By uncannyknack
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My first promo piece done awhile back for The Flash. Grant hauling it down Main St in Central City. For an old comics kid like me being able to work on this show with the brilliant team I do is a rare privilege
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Got this at a comic con...was told it was original. Argh
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Can you tell me more about this? Only myself and my print reseller are authorized to sell prints of it. 
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"My name is Barry Allen and I am the fastest man alive."

Cue theme music.
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No 3d glasses required---Very cool
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Haha I loove this!! 😍😍
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My name is Barry Allen and I am technically among the Top Five fastest men alive since my enemy speedsters such as the Reverse-Flash, Zoom, Future Flash (Savitar) and Godspeed always turn out to be faster than me. To the outside world, I'm an ordinary forensic scientist but secretly, with the help of my work acquaintances at S.T.A.R. Labs including my dad boss and sister fiance which I still won't admit is kind of weird, I fight crime and find other metahumans like me that end up either unfairly imprisoned or die in ways that conveniently leave me morally guilt-free. After my ordeal with the Reverse-Flash, I learned to accept the death of my mother and not go back to change the past for selfish reasons. Then after Zoom killed my father, I went back and changed the past for selfish reasons. After screwing up that timeline, I went back AGAIN and unchanged the past for selfless reasons but ended up screwing a bunch of people's lives anyway. I also constantly keep secrets from the people closest to me despite repeatedly promising that I won't get a lot of innocent people killed and routinely damage the fabric of the universe, but this year will be different. This year I'm always going to tell the truth, trust friends, work acquaintances and family, and I'm going to stop letting people without super speed miraculously get away when they only have a five-second head start and actually search entire buildings instead of just saying that I do because there's no way that Killer Frost could have gotten out of that building before I did. It makes NO SENSE whatsoever, and I'm sorry for asking everyone to suspend their disbelief in such a ridiculous manner because I am definitely fast enough to stop every single person that has ever gotten away from me. I am the Flash!
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Wow! Beautifully done!
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;D   Beautiful work on this!
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Running around at the speed of sound
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I've only seen the first season so far, and it's one of the best things I've ever seen!
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this is sooo cool

I love the show
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very very very nice
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Where do you get your stocks from?
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I love your work+fav +fav +fav 
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nice works ..........
check my 3d face works...
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Very nice art work.
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Love this image! Glad I was able to grab a print of this!
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THIS IS MY FAVE!! I noticed too your going to FanExpo Canada this year (2015), will you be selling this print by any chance? :)
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Glad to hear that! Come by the table and we can figure something out for you :)
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Really like this one, forgot to "fave"
Love his expression :)
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The Flash season one final was awesome, this picture pretty much sums it up :p
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The Flash is banned from the Olympic games track and field sector.  :p
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