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Supes v1.0 WIP

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Published: August 29, 2016
© 2016 - 2020 uncannyknack
WIP of the Big Blue guy. Mostly there but getting all the sweet elements in the costume from New 52 to Rebirth to DCCU to CW is a challenge all by itself! Hope you like 
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Chris-Alvarez General Artist
Love it; it incorporates the best parts of his recent costume updates.
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Superman ... in New York?

I ❤️ it. 
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MrAldenRD05Hobbyist Artist
'Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's SUPERMAN!'
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SuperMarioFan65Student Digital Artist

Here we go.
Michael-McDonnell's avatar
Michael-McDonnell General Artist
Could do the cape clasps on the classic suit, Rebirth and Reborn suits.
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Netherman14Hobbyist General Artist
That's amazing! will it be completed?
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kevmannHobbyist Digital Artist
Great work, the colors, the composition... everything is just perfect.
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carlos-salva-artProfessional Digital Artist
Amazing by carlos-salva-art  
Fanpiece's avatar
Amazing image of Superman..
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wabi777Student General Artist
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Looks like captain Jack Harkness.
XxCrazyKittyCatzxX's avatar
I'm gobsmacked but pleeasseeeeeeee don't do DC, I can't describe how terrible they are...
They can't even think of decent NAMES for their 'heroes'
I mean,
Superman. Batman. Wonder Woman. They're just sooooooooo laaaammmeeeeeeeee
Bunbunpo's avatar
Lol what.

Spider man
Mr fantastic
The invisible woman
Wonder man.
Joey-GB-316's avatar
Joey-GB-316Hobbyist General Artist
They named the characters in the 1930's and have never changed the names since then. Of course they're going to be terrible.
XxCrazyKittyCatzxX's avatar
Soon AMAZING LADY will be the new hero of DC
Phenometron's avatar
Nice job on Superman, man. :)
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WasterbullHobbyist Digital Artist
So epic :D
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BrietOlga Digital Artist
Wonderful work! :love:
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basicbeyondHobbyist Traditional Artist
its a real shame superman is so disliked these days. 
generalkarn's avatar
It mainly has do with people thinking his powers make him so OP ignoring his actual character and just literally bashing him for having all these powers.
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basicbeyondHobbyist Traditional Artist
maybe, but there is this new bald superhero that has very similar powers that has gotten very popular on this site, but no body seems to give him the kind of shit they give superman. 
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You mean Saitama aka One Punch man I can answer pretty easily. As much as I have enjoyed the show the fact of the matter is everyone on the planet knows or has heard of Superman at some point in their lives and has history has shown the more popular a character is the more likely they are going to end up receiving large amounts of hatred from former fans that will most likely poke holes and flaws with the character. Saitama for the most part is still mostly new ergo its kind of hard for him to get a large enough hatred that will even come close to Supermans. Further more Saitama only real power that is comparable to Superman is for the most part his strength (we could go back and forth on whos stronger but that is a topic for another time) even Saitama speed and endurance are no where near as impressive as Superman through out the various incarnations of the character over the years. Plus although he is a hero he still is for the most part just an anime/magna character which again although many have received large amounts of praise and what not still have only a limited fanbase and being worldwide known and such. So to sum it up since Superman has been around for so long and has done all these various feats of strength and at times has suffered from bad writers (as any character can be written badly no matter how simple they are) people just are always going to continue to hate him for certain reasons. Saitama might one day suffer from the same treatment but for now people just love to see him beat just about anybody with one punch as a majority of time anime characters tend to start off with the occasional difficulties in fighting foes in their early years but Saitama just seems to have no equal to his strength on his world anyways.
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