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Snoopy The Ace

By uncannyknack
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WIP of a fun goof around of Snoopy engaged in ful dogfight with the Red Baron and the Flying Circus. Always wondered what ol' Snoops got up to on his clandestine missions
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Thank you for your work. Is it done by a computer or by hand? Many thanks!

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How do I buy a copy of this print?

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Head over to and choose from a variety of sizes, media and styles

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this is how good ole snoopy sees himself when he's in that mode. 
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I saw a cropped version of this pic on Tumblr and reblogged the full image along with an artist credit and DeviantArt link. Great stuff, especially for a WWI aviation fan.

Every aircraft is accurate and identifiable - SE.5, Albatros D.V, Pfalz D.III, Fokker D.VII and Dr.I triplane - yet Snoopy's "Sopwith Camel" kennel has German Spandau guns instead of very different-looking Allied Vickers guns. With everything else so right, this can't be accidental (or can it?)

If there's a hidden meaning behind "The Wrong Guns", please tell! :-?

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Ha! No hidden meaning other than I prefer the look of the Spandaus over the Vickers. I mean I could create an elaborate backstory about Snoopy salvaging the guns from a German victory when his own were damaged in the exchange and there is a delicious irony in Snoopy ruling the skies while besting German airmen with their own guns but that seems like a lot of work lol. Kidding of course but truth is I just preferred the Spandaus side by side. 
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Funny thing, one of the Tumblr comments said the same thing - that the Spandaus looked cooler. With all those extra holes, they might even BE cooler... ;P I'm also very taken with your "Enemy Ace" pic (and Diane is very taken with your casting Tom Hiddleston in the role!) It took me way back to getting EA from the "American Comics" stand in the local newsagent, as well as local products Biggles and Dogfight Dixon, and far too many model kits. Thanks for the reply!

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chevre  esta el dibujo
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How can I order a print of this?
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I would like to order a print please. I can be contacted at   Thank you.
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You can order prints of all descriptions at my artstore: johngallagherart dot com
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i would like to order this print.  I have emailed through your website twice to find out time for delivery but have not received an answer.  Please advise.  I would like it for Christmas
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Hi Paula! Sent you a note this morning hope it helped :)
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How long does a canvas usually take to ship?  I want to purchase one of these for my buddy for Christmas and I'm just trying to see how far in advance I need to order.  REALLY glad I didn't buy the poster version I saw on a FB ad last year as I then had to search for the image now only to realize how much your work is being ripped off!  Love the image!

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Hey Andrew hit up my artstore: and order there with a wide variety of size, media and styles!
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Saw your pic on Gab. So I had to fave it. It's great stuff.
EagleWingGallery's avatar… I think your pic was stolen.  Great piece btw!
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Thanks for letting me know! Digital takedown notice submitted. These asshats steal wholesale from DA and other art sites, good to stay on the lookout for everyone's sake.
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I’m sorry but I purchased this via the Tee Chip site, I had no idea it was taken from you. I ran across it on Facebook. I alway loved when snoopy took to the air as a kid and you captured it just as I pictured him.  As an old Marine I have it hanging in the one room of the house my wife allows me any freedom. I’ll order it on canvas from your site. Shame Facebook will not police such things better. 
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No worries at all Jeff. I understand how it can happen. TeeChip are a garbage outfit ripping off customers and artists left and right for years. I'm sorry they've taken advantage of you and so many others but Facebook can only take them down for 24 hours - I've issued many takedown notices - and then they're right back up again selling stolen artwork. I appreciate your candour and disclosure. 
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Wonder what he'd do in  Iraq Pumpkie Flag of Iraq  or   Afghanistan Pumpkie Flag of Afghanistan 
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Hey brother. You need to set up a canvas for folks to buy from. 
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